Stargazing with the Miami Valley Astronomical Society

It’s natural to be curious about the universe.  Whether we casually peer through our living room window to observe the moon, or camp out in a remote area to view the stars, we have a strong impetus to connect with the world above us. While it can be easy to find a few stars, the study of astronomy and the practice of stargazing can be ever-so complex.  Words like azimuth and occultation seem rather strange, yet they are routinely used in describing stars or solar events.  In addition, the coordinates used to pinpoint celestial objects seem as though they have been written in ancient Greek … [Read more...]

SummitUp, A #Socialmedia Confab

In the 1920’s, radio broadcasters were looking for more. They knew they had a great way to deliver information into the homes of everyone in the country, but how to get sponsors to buy into it? Radio up to that point had been informational; mainly news and politics delivered in factual and dry terms; nothing really compelling to listen to. Advertisers were not seeing much of a return from the money they were investing, and were leery about investing more. Broadcasters needed to create something that would attract a different audience; an audience that was around the house all day, and was … [Read more...]

Women in Business Networking – Helping you to Grow as a Leader

Aileron President Joni Fedders of Dayton and GE Capital Retail Finance President and CEO Margaret Keane of Ridgefield, Conn., will give the keynote addresses at “Growing as a Leader,” the fourth annual professional development conference by Women in Business Networking, Wednesday, Sept. 28, at the Schuster Performing Arts Center at Second and Main streets in Dayton. Premier Health Partners is the title sponsor of the conference. Fedders oversees the strategic direction and operational activities of Aileron, which helps private business owners understand where they want to go and apply sound … [Read more...]

Change in Dayton is happening!

Things in Dayton are looking up. Hiring, although slowly, is on the rise (New jobs, tax revenues show region stabilizing, Dayton Daily News, March 25, 2011). Home ownership is up. Nightlife downtown, particularly in areas like the Oregon District, is lively and vibrant. These small yet noticeable changes are the direct result of the individual and collective efforts of many people who, despite the sluggish economy, believe in the potential of Dayton; those people are working to launch business and social initiatives that revitalize neighborhoods, spur economic growth and keep people in … [Read more...]

YPs at the Base – Serving those who serve

Serving the YPs who Serve It's the largest single site employer in the whole state.  Its history has been witness to early Wright Brothers test flights and a military installation that dates to World War I.  It's an obvious asset to the region for the Air Force Museum (fingers crossed for the shuttle) as well as cutting-edge technical, aerospace, and research advances. I have sung the praises of the Base and understood its major importance in both the economic viability of our region and for aerospace technology worldwide (you can thank my engineering husband who just broke a … [Read more...]

Generation Dayton Offers 2011 Speaker Series

Generation Dayton is offering a Speaker Series for 2011 that will be a great opportunity for young professionals to “network-up.”  These events will bring young professionals and local business leaders together, offering frequent high-level professional development and mentoring opportunities. “The 2011 Speaker Series will provide a unique opportunity for young professionals to meet, network with, and learn from top-level businesses and community leaders who have a desire and passion to share their expertise with tomorrow’s leaders,” says Generation Dayton Chair, Jennifer Rettig. The … [Read more...]

SummitUp 2010 – Creativity, Communication and Technology

SummitUp is a one day conference on October 19 at Sinclair Community College, dedicated to exploring the integration of creativity, communication, and technology.  With four keynote speakers (John Moore, Pete Blackshaw, Steve Lance and Brian Solis) and a number of breakout sessions with well-known social media experts, web gurus and marketing wizards, this is one event you can't miss - especially if your job has anything to do with marketing, communication or technology.'s Bill Pote will be leading one of the breakout sessions about building a community. But don't take … [Read more...]

Social Media in Dayton

Carole Baker is a huge fan of all things Dayton Ohio -- AND she is passionate about teaching/inspiring Dayton business owners and professionals on the subject of leveraging social media tools.  When business-owners ask her WHO should be using  social media, she says: "All companies who rely on word-of-mouth can benefit as long as they realize that social media should be integrated into the overall marketing strategy, not created as a stand-alone marketing effort!"  Find out more at OH! Social. The video below lays out several tips and suggestions for business-owners who are just … [Read more...]

This Week in YP: music, food and professional development

YP Events coming up THIS WEEK: Generation Dayton presents Next-Generation Consulting Webcast.  Tuesday May, 25 from 11:30-1PM.  You're moving up in the world and got that promotion - this Webcast will give you the tips and hints you need to be an awesome manager.  Brown bag lunch - drinks and desserts provided.   RSVP by Monday! JumpstART presents Jump into the DPO .  Not ready to spend a Saturday on the arts?  Join other YPs after work on Wednesday, May 26 for $10 tickets to see 24-year old wonder Jessica Hung perform in a 45-minute concert she designed.  After the show, meet Jessica at … [Read more...]

UD to Host 9th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

Every woman needs a little "me" time, so why not take this opportunity for a day of networking, self-improvement and rejuvenation? If you have not yet registered for the Annie T. Thornton Women's Leadership Conference, to be held at the University of Dayton on Saturday, March 27th, it is not too late to do so.  This annual one-day event is named in honor of Annie T. Thornton to recognize her 44 years of leadership and dedication at the University of Dayton. During her time at UD, she  mentored hundreds of students, changing lives and empowering women. The theme for this year's conference … [Read more...]