Pop-Up Program Expands To Offer Office Space

Activated Spaces, an initiative to fill downtown storefronts, is launching a new phase of the program called Pop-Up Office. Applications are being accepted for office businesses to open downtown this summmer. The project is mirrored after the successful Pop-Up Project, which traditionally has focused on matching retail and restaurant focused business owners with downtown property owners who have first floor space available for occupancy. The Activated Spaces team is launching this new initiative to attract start-ups and other small businesses that will add energy and vibrancy to downtown … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Collaboratory!

Cities are amazing things. Their growth during the 17th and 18th centuries helped lay the foundation for some of the largest leaps in thought in that era, and have continued to be a source of innovation ever since. A conversation in one of the booming coffee houses in 17th century London lead to the writing of Newton’s Principia; another chat lead to the creation of Lloyd’s of London, the world’s first insurance agency. The Industrial Revolution grew slowly within cities, drawing people in with opportunities for economic growth. The density of people in urban centers helped to spread ideas by … [Read more...]

Map the Plan for Your Business Idea!

Join us for 2 valuable hours focusing on making your business a viable dream come true: Dive in with Kimberly Collett, Olive, an urban dive: Creating your business and financial plan. This class is for folks that have done their homework, flushed out their ideas, and are ready to put it on paper. It’s time to get serious about your business idea! Real regional insight, valuable tools and templates, a chance to ask questions and an opportunity for follow-up on your progress 6-8 weeks later. Ready to take the plunge into your first venture? Find out what it really takes. Get started on a solid … [Read more...]

Urban Mosaics: Being Natural = Being Empowered

As I sit here in my new salmon-colored t-shirt, sporting the word “honey” across the front (a term of endearment used for fly girls) I realize this is exactly the feeling Stacy Edey was trying to achieve when she set out to start her own innovative t-shirt company: I feel beautiful; I feel comfortable; I feel like me. According to Edey, her clothing line, Urban Mosaics “promotes the indefinable beauty of natural textured hair signified by abstract works of wearable art, and instills a paradigm shift in the conscious mind.” What does all of that mean? It means that Stacy figured out a way to … [Read more...]

New Businesses Popping Up Downtown

Three businesses will be up and running by May 4, the next First Friday art hop downtown, as part of the second phase of the Pop-Up Project, part of an initiative to fill downtown Dayton storefronts called Activated Spaces. The businesses selected for the second phase of the project are: • American π, 37 S. St. Clair St.: This gift and accessories boutique will carry items made in the United States, including handbags, greeting cards, candles and food items. The store will be open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. • Arin, 27 S. St. Clair … [Read more...]

Mike-Sell’s: A Case For Success

Countdown to the 2012 updayton Summit! updayton is committed to lighting the entrepreneurial fire of young talent. Over the next three months leading up to the 2012 Summit, updayton will present stories of emerging entrepreneurs and family legacies in business, and why they call Dayton the best place to do business. Daniel W. Mikesell started a successful business selling dried beef and sausage but when he decided to expand and answered an ad to purchase a potato-cutting machine, he had no idea it would turn into a multi-million dollar enterprise that would span 100 years and counting. … [Read more...]

The Trick To Being Lucky

(The following was submitted by Christina M. Dyer as part of the updayton Entrepreneurship Team) Drew Trick had a vision: A comfortable place where people can enjoy a wide variety of draught beer and eat fresh food with their friends and family, as well as see couple-hundred model cars. On October 23, 2010, Trick made this dream a reality, purchasing what is now known as Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery, located in the Oregon Arts District. When he walked in the building for the first time, Drew Trick knew he had to remodel a restaurant that had been established by many other owners before. … [Read more...]

The Power of Once

(The following was submitted by Anna Ritchie from updayton) Starting your own business can be a terrifying thought. In 2004, Christian Prince set aside those fears and went full speed ahead with his dream. He started Acclimate Technologies, a supply chain software design company that allows data transmission between businesses with no human interaction. The software Prince has created with his colleagues enables other corporations such as Walmart and Honda to move data efficiently and cheaply, using fewer resources with the lowest number of human errors. Since starting his company, Price … [Read more...]

Showdown Visual to Open Downtown Location

Visual media production company Showdown Visual, which recently won 11 prestigious Hermes Awards, will join a growing community of creative services firms located in downtown Dayton when it opens an office in a renovated space at 124 E. Third St. in mid-April. “We are excited to move downtown to be around so many of our clients, as well as other design firms,” said Kenny Mosher, co-founder of Showdown Visual. “Also, our new space provides the exact creative environment we need.” Indeed, the move will put Showdown Visual in the company of a dozen creative services firms located in the … [Read more...]

Aaron Kim and the Xenia China Inn

The following was submitted by Juliette Rocheleau of the updayton Entrepreneurship Team, and is the second in a series of  articles about Dayton-area entrepreneurs. Xenia China Inn was a Chinese restaurant found on Main Street in Xenia, Ohio for twenty years. In early 2008, the family business shut its doors and left many with sad hearts and growling stomachs. At the end of 2010, Aaron Kim re-opened Xenia China Inn at a new location (417 W. Second Street, Xenia, OH 45385). The surrounding parts of Dayton perked up at the prospect of once again enjoying the Inn’s cuisine. Kim committed … [Read more...]