Celebrate SWAN Day – Support Women Artists Now in Dayton

An international event for women artists is coming to Dayton as part of the celebration of Women’s History month. Support Women Artists Now, or SWAN Day, features and celebrates the talents of female artists. The new event gained a lot of steam in its first four years and has had over 700 Swan Day events in 21 countries. Taking place on the last Saturday of Women’s History Month, it’s already been officially recognized in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and many more cities. Swan Day has yet to hit the streets of Dayton, but this year will be different. On March 31st … [Read more...]

Sinclair Students Are ‘Theatre Practitioners of the Future’

One of the greatest strengths of the Theatre program at Sinclair Community College is its focus on the individual student, according to Steven Skiles, chair of Sinclair’s Theatre and Dance Department. “We want to get to know our students,” Skiles says. “We want to get to know what their goals are. Do you want to go on to a four-year institution? Do you want to go straight to New York? Is it your dream to be an American actor living in London?” “We try to engage students in those conversations,” he continues, “so that when they’re going through the program here, they also have a larger … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Art of Exhibiting at Sinclair

Art majors at Sinclair Community College have many opportunities to display their work before taking part in a public exhibition, according to Terri Perkins, 47, a Sinclair graduate and current art student from Fairborn. “When you’re taking studio classes, you always have critiques,” says Perkins. “At the end of each term, everybody displays their work, and we all go around and evaluate it.” Art majors also take a Pre-graduation Exhibition course before receiving their degree. At the end of the course, each student selects several pieces that follow a unifying theme, and their work, … [Read more...]

The Marriage of Quality and Support for Local Producers is Quite a Delicious One

Full-fledged perseverance has led Hilary Browning to her career as a baker, but truthfully, most of the credit for her success belongs to no one other than Hilary, herself. She is the most driven, inspiring person I have yet to meet, and it has been an honor to hear and write about her story. She is the owner and mastermind behind Thistle Confections, which supplies the baked goods for Ghostlight Coffee, but her newest addition to this one of a kind business is her booth at the Second Street Market, which will open February 11! She has finally made this “baking dream a reality,” as she puts … [Read more...]

The Youth Lead the Way with Alivera’s Debut EP

Well, folks, after a quick holiday break, it’s officially January in Ohio! The weather is cold, the snow is coming, and we’ll soon have to break out the ice skates to get to work. Eventually, there might be a time that the roads get too bad for us to make it out to see our favorite local bands play around town, but fear not! We have something called “technology” which will allow us to listen to our favorite local acts at home! Amazing, I know. The holiday months were busy for the local scene, with a number of bands releasing new albums and EPs. Both bands old and new, more experienced … [Read more...]

Comfort Food on Wheels!

Who says gourmet restaurants have to stay stuck in one place? Fressa, the newest traveling food-truck to hit the streets of Dayton, pleasantly proves that home-cooked entrees, fresh sides and tantalizing desserts needn’t be located in a sit-down restaurant in order to be delicious. “Fressa” by definition means, “to chow down” or “stuff oneself”, which, the owners Matt and Lisa Halpin encourage lunch-breakers to partake in during every Fressa-filled meal. I spoke with Matt Halpin about his intriguing “comfort-food” truck and he explained,  “Comfort food means a lot of different things to … [Read more...]

A True Demonstration of Care for Locals’ Health and Lifestyle

One week ago today, I had the most amazing tour of a grocery store. That’s right. A grocery store. With all the recent hype around the word “organic,” it certainly was interesting to discover this grocery only provides organic and conventional (all-natural) edibles, as part of their Food Philosophy. I had the privilege of experiencing the grand tour of the entire store, and I owe my special thanks to Emily, my tour guide and supplier of bountiful information, for inspiring me on my quest to model my own food philosophy after that of Earth Fare’s, located in Centerville, just a hop, skip, and a … [Read more...]

A Simply De’Lish Experience

 Some would consider honesty within a business’s practice an important component, and as a customer, you want what you were promised, right? So what if I told you that this downtown Dayton café and bar fulfills the promise it holds within its title? That this restaurant literally holds true to its name? Well, let me enlighten you. De’Lish is both the description of this venue, as well as the cuisine they serve as part of their entire dining experience. And “experience” may not even do justice to what really happens behind those lovely curtained front doors of De’Lish on the corner of Main and … [Read more...]

Hello World – Welcome to Dayton

When Dayton announced its Welcome Dayton Plan last month, it met with mixed reviews from the public. This was hardly surprising since the topic of immigration is currently a hot button issue in the United States. As the country is still struggling to regain its economic footing the subject of immigrant job seekers is and has been a particularly touchy one. Because of this strong stigma, the Welcome Dayton Plan may face its share of difficulty. According to Mayor Gary Leitzell – who is himself an immigrant from England – the majority response to the Welcome Dayton Plan has been quite … [Read more...]

Martha Moody – Sometimes Mine

Martha Moody, a prominent fiction writer in the Dayton area, was kind enough to talk about her recent novel in depth over dinner. Sometimes Mine, which is now in paperback, is about Genie - a middle aged woman that finds love with a man that is anything but available. This touching love story is more about learning to open your heart rather than the simple fairy tale of most love stories on the shelves. Sometimes Mine is a story of love, loss, and this rollercoaster called life. While Moody is proud of her recent novel, she opened up about a new novel she’s been working on that she hopes will … [Read more...]