Second Show Friday

Gooooooood Evening Comedy Fans… 24 years ago, a brash, take-no-bs broad from Chicago landed in the little hamlet of Dayton. She thought she'd be here for 90 days, because WHY Dayton? Just quick consulting gig at a comedy club owned by the creator of Pound Puppies. But she stayed a little longer and ended up buying the place. Who could have imagined the next 25 years? Not, Lisa Grigsby . Wooed by the allure of valet parking at the airport (seriously, I'm not even making that up) Grigs quickly made her mark in Dayton. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge and some pretty badass … [Read more...]

Don “DC” Curry – One Nighter at Taste

Known by fans across the country for his numerous national television appearances, his yearly theatre tours and for headlining the nation's hottest comedy clubs, Don "DC" Curry is probably most widely recognized for his comedic acting role as the zany "Uncle Elroy" on the hit urban classics, "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next." He’s currently developing his own comedy reality show, “No Chit,” about comedian’s lives on the modern-day “Chitlin Circuit.” His credits also include a recurring role on the new Aaron McGruder sitcom, “Black Jesus” (fall 2014) and guest appearances on: “The … [Read more...]

Jackie Kashian Providing Laughs And An “Excellent Horcrux” At Wiley’s

 When I was younger, I would try to make all of my family and friends laugh by doing impersonations and/or spout off  silly comments and observations.  I had a few (and I mean few) individuals make comments about how I should be a  comedian.  And I actually thought about  going into that world.  I figured that if I made a few people giggle at my  dumb jokes-I could easily have an amazing experience.  As time went on, I determined that I should just stick to I know,  and be a writer. For comedian Jackie Kashian, the past couple of years have been anything but relaxing.  Recently, Kashian has … [Read more...]

The Doc of Comedy Rock **Ticket Contest**

“My college roommate thought he was Hunter Thompson. He started calling me Dr. Gonzo. I asked him why, and he threw me the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. ‘Gonzo’ refers to someone who takes it to the edge without falling off.” And Gonzo sure has.  After receiving his degree in 1977, he and a buddy moved to San Francisco to produce a play. “For a long time there, I worked at mindless jobs — putting boxes in boxes, sweeping rain off roofs. I made some money playing guitar.” Gonzo started to get gigs at the Boarding House, in San Francisco, and other popular clubs — “the places where … [Read more...]

Eddie Griffin at The Dayton Funny Bone

When you're voted class clown 3 times during high school, it's only natural that you grow up to be a comedian. In the case of Eddie Griffin, his Kansas City, Missouri classmates certainly predicted the future for him. Eddie Griffin has created a comedy career that includes roles in movies such as Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo, Date Move, Scary Movie 3, and Norbit. His most memorable movie role was the title character in Undercover Brother. On stage, his comedy has been described as  an interesting mix of intelligent, provocative, and not for the faint of heart. There are no topics that are … [Read more...]

Ralphie May “Too Big To Fail” in Dayton

Ralphie May’s popularity exploded after the success of the first season of NBC’s hit reality series, “Last Comic Standing”. Long-time fans of Ralphie’s stand-up were joined by countless new fans when America thought he was robbed of the winner’s title. Despite the show’s outcome, Ralphie’s special brand of comedy combines the familiar elements of hip-hop and topical comedy with a dash of southern down-home flavor and quick wit making Ralphie May one of the most popular comedians in the country. His first DVD, appropriately titled “Just Correct,” went PLATINUM! Released on February 10th of … [Read more...]

A Lawyer Walks Into A Comedy Club…

Many of you may know that for years I owned a comedy club here in town.  Folks are always asking me who's funny and to tell them when someone good is coming to town.  That's hard for me to do, for a couple of reasons.  One- after 20+ years of seeing comic's I became very jaded, what makes me laugh tends to be the obscure or the sick deviant stuff.  Another is that I really prefer to know what you like before I recommend someone.  I can send you to see  a squeaky clean show, political satire or  silly song parodies, but not every show is for everybody.  Every now and then there's an act that I … [Read more...]

Celebrate SWAN Day – Support Women Artists Now in Dayton

An international event for women artists is coming to Dayton as part of the celebration of Women’s History month. Support Women Artists Now, or SWAN Day, features and celebrates the talents of female artists. The new event gained a lot of steam in its first four years and has had over 700 Swan Day events in 21 countries. Taking place on the last Saturday of Women’s History Month, it’s already been officially recognized in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and many more cities. Swan Day has yet to hit the streets of Dayton, but this year will be different. On March 31st … [Read more...]

The Power And Light Of Dow Thomas

Dayton And The World Loses A Comedy Icon   Sifting through scattered memories, most of which are second hand recollections that occurred before my time, I find myself overwhelmed by a life lived with a manic exuberance. I found out about comedian Dow Thomas’ passing from a friend and regular customer of Wiley’s Comedy Niteclub who called to inform me of the news. I stayed up until around 2:00am poring over the condolences that poured out from all over the country, cascading down from Dow’s Facebook page and other social media outlets. I looked through pictures that I had of Dow, … [Read more...]

The Church of Augiology

Auggie Smith and the Wayward Masses To the uninitiated, (or "non-believers" as they are commonly called by The Auggites) Auggie Smith is the founder and Grand Pubah for Life of what has come to be known as The First Church of Augiology. While not technically a religion, at least not in the fully tax exempt definition narrowly portrayed in the IRS's Draconian codes, the movement of Augism is gaining momentum in this country, as well as other, more backwards countries who really don't know any better. With the recent release of his new DVD and CD, Cult Following, more of the weary and … [Read more...]