Ten Questions

10?’s with Chef Don Warfe

Don Warfe was born in California, but as a  military kid he moved around a lot,  lived in Japan, and eventually his family came to Dayton where his grandparents lived.  He grew up always cooking and while working at Buddkan,  a fine dining restaurant  in Philly that featured Asian  fusion cuisine,  he realized that food was truly his passion. He had found his career and  moved from restaurant to restaurant to grow his skills, including a stint in upstate New York, five years with Fleming's and then became  part of an opening team at a Colorado eatery where he served as an Executive Chef.  … [Read more...]

10?’s with Surjit Singh Mattu ofAmar India

Ever since Surjit Singh Mattu was a young man in northwestern India he has had a business and numbers based mind set.  It is this mindset which has continually propelled the quick learning chef to success in American busines   Originally an electrician, Surjit Singh Mattu left India in 1981 and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts where he started to pursue and explore a career in the restaurant business.  He has always enjoyed cooking and this culinary experience helped him begin to learn and develop his own taste.  This was the beginning of what would be a largely successful career.  … [Read more...]

10 ?’s with Fifth Street Brewpub’s Chef Liam Hennessy

Fifth Street Brewpub’s Chef Liam Hennessy’s first experience in the restaurant business was working at a Mom and Pop sandwich shop. He started off as a dishwasher but soon moved to busing tables, serving, and eventually helping in the kitchen. Fifth Street Brewpub General Manager Dave Tickel first met Liam while working at TomKatz’s in Springboro. They both moved into other positions, but after 5 years of losing touch, Dave called Liam and offered him the position of head chef.  Liam left his job at the Dayton Country Club and is now working hard to create a unique menu at this new co-op … [Read more...]

10 ?’s with Chef Lisa Perdomo of Arepas & Co

Chef Lisa Perdomo is a Kettering native who received her undergraduate degree in business and her graduate M.B.A. from the University of Dayton.  She is married to Mr. Perdomo, who is a native from Columbia,  who received an engineering management degree from the University of Dayton.  The UD Flyer couple runs and owns Arepas & Co which serves a type of Americanized Columbian cuisine.  Her food is flavorful, fresh and fast.   Initially out of college Lisa worked for the University of Dayton for 10 years.  Afterward she had a coffee shop in Cincinnati, but decided the commute … [Read more...]

10 ?’s with Chef Narendar Thakkar of Namaste India

     Chef Narendar Thakkar moved to the U.S. when he was young gentleman in his twenties.  For approximately 24 years he worked and managed a Dunkin Donuts.  The past 5 years he has been the master mind of Namaste India creating the cooking foundation needed for an authentic Indian cuisine.  He reads the customers mind and listens to what he or she likes.  With that information he will adapt the cuisine accordingly and make a tasty meal.  He shared that his customers always ask for a to-go box because they want to enjoy every last bite.   Namaste India is a family owned … [Read more...]

10?’s with Chef Trish Miles of C’est Cheese

What’s Your Story? I started cooking at a young age when my sisters and I would do "make -ups"....basically putting together different creations involving butter, sugar and other ingredients for an after school snack. One of my daily jobs included making the salad for dinner. This led to me to starting my own garden and betting my dad that I could live off of it for two weeks. I caved to ice cream and sweets! Trish pictured here with her dad!   I attended the College of St. Benedict in MN, graduated in 1986, and moved to Dayton for a teaching position at Incarnation Elementary … [Read more...]

Dayton BBQ Entrepreneur Tackles DMM’s 10?’s

Growing up Lea Richards and her family would go on family vacations every year and turn each trip into one big barbecue hunt. They literally went to every so-called BBQ hot spot and had their fingers deliciously smeared from digging into A LOT of different kinds of barbecue. As Lea describes it, "we went through some tough ones (pun intended), but we also found some authentic, finger-lickin’ good ones—usually from mom-and-pop restaurants and other hole-in-the-wall dining places. And after scouring every town, city, state, or region, our search has finally ended. Guess where?  Right in our … [Read more...]

10?’s with Rick Schaefer of Brock Masterson’s Catering

There's rarely a festival in Dayton where you don't find Brock Masterson's hawking their "Down East" Blue Lump Crab Cakes, "Fatty" Reuben, Grilled Salmon  and Brock’s Legendary 3-Potato Hash.  There's always a line, yet the food is so good it's worth the wait. Brock Masterson's Catering was founded in 1986 by Chef Rick Schaefer, and while catering is his main business, Brock Masterson’s can be found grilling out at over 20 festivals throughout Dayton region. But now you can also find Brock Masterson's in your grocery store.  “Customers have been asking for years about the special blend of … [Read more...]

10?’s with the Chef of Mohawk Freestyle Grill Food Truck

Chef Aaron Hanover has always loved food for the art and wonder it can create. At a young age, art was always a great outlet for his creativity, but the prospect of work behind a desk as a graphic designer day in and day out was an option that didn't interest him. Food always seemed like a hands on artistic outlet that included few desks and endless possibilities for medians to work with. With his culinary degree from Pennsylvania Culinary, he started honing is skills in local restaurants and big corporate kitchens. Learning management, fine dinning, and banquets from names like Aramark, … [Read more...]

10?’s with Patrick Sartin, The Man in the Black Truck

Patrick Sartin started cooking at a young age in Dayton working in several local kitchens including The Country Club of the North, Rocky’s Pizza, and Kohler Catering, before attending the Culinary Institute of America, where he graduated in 2002. After graduation Sartin did a stint as the Head Chef at Chanterelles here in Dayton, before he achieved his goal of travel and work in as many different regions of the US as he could, gaining as much culinary knowledge as possible. Patrick has worked in the industry across the United States from Colorado to Maine working with very talented … [Read more...]