Austin Landing Cooking Class Features Oils & Balsamics

Calling all foodies and cooks!  Got flavor infused Olive Oils?  How about flavored Balsamic vinegar?  This class does! On February 17th, The Food Adventures Crew is teaming with The Spicy Olive to bring you a one night,  one-of-a-kind cooking experience. Attendees can sit back, relax and enjoy seven different plates.  Each one made with fresh olive oils and balsamics, of different specialty flavors.  This is not a "hands on" class, but each dish will be prepared step by step by 3 different cooks, and recipes will be supplied. Now is your chance to check out the Spicy Olive Oil store … [Read more...]

Ariake is the Spot… Raw or Hot!

The original owners of Akashi on Harshman Rd. are back with a raw vengeance, literally.  Their newest restaurant, Ariake Sushi Bar is a great spot, raw or hot ! Eat it raw you say?  Great Sushi,  or fully cooked Japanese specialties you say? Hot Soups?  That's right up our exotic food alley!  Hungry Jax, Big Ragu and Chef House never miss a chance for good Food Adventure.  Expert Chefs and cooks, giving you an authentic taste of Japan. The restaurant is nestled into a small strip mall across from the Dayton Mall near Prestige Plaza.   Ariake is starting to gain a loyal following and is a … [Read more...]

Dayton Made Hot Sauce, Returns Feb 1

The hot sauce that took the Dayton area by storm, HouseMade Sriracha is coming back... And HouseMade Sauces has given Food Adventures exclusive scoop on this one.  Maybe because we are cool, or maybe because our own Chef House is the owner and proprietor of the fiercely popular "HouseMade Sriracha Sauce."  At any rate you can call us the "Pepper-azzi" for this one, because we have the insight on how Thai Chile peppers have affected this Miami Valley favorite sauce.   HERE'S THE SKINNY: --- HouseMade Sriracha has sold out in stores all over the state, and due to a shortage of … [Read more...]

Hard or Soft ? K & R Pretzel Bakery asks… + win $20 worth of Pretzels

For the first time in 10 years, the K & R Pretzel Bakery is offering Hard Pretzels, made on site.  Yes, it is true, you can have them hard or soft now. We are also giving away $20 worth of product from this bakery, just comment below for a chance to win. Have you been to this bakery?  It is in a neighborhood, near the corner of Patterson and Woodman Dr.  It is one of the most interesting Food Adventure spots we have ever encountered.  And we discovered, there is a lot to love about this place. K & R reminds many Daytonians of their childhood elementary school days, and 10 cent … [Read more...]

Dayton Restaurants That Give Back

We love living in Dayton, Ohio... a close knit community that pulls together to help their poor, impoverished, down trodden and those suffering temporary crises.   Lots of companies give not only during “the season of giving,” but year round. Today, Food Adventures takes time to recognize some of the Miami Valley eateries that we have witnessed supporting numerous charities, year after year after year.  These are some of the biggest givers, the most generous folks, but it is certainly not the complete list.  These eateries give not only in the Christmas season, but support many charities, … [Read more...]

2015: The Year in Dayton Food

Now a gastro intestinal look back at the food year that was... 2015. Who burst on the Dayton food scene in 2015?  Who left us forever, breaking foodie's hearts?  The Miami Valley saw a lot of comings and goings this past year.  Food Adventures is here to review the list and get your comments on the gains and losses in 2015. The Big Ragu, Hungry Jax and Chef House, have put their heads together for "The Year in Dayton Food." Whether you liked it, loved it, or lost it, Dayton dining would never be the same.  Don't forget to comment below, and let your opinion be heard. HERE WE GO … [Read more...]

And Dayton’s #1 Chili is ….

The local AMBUCS charity hosted Dayton area's biggest chili cookoff last month at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.  More than 20 area restaurants and cooks battled it out, head to head and vote to vote.  The Food Adventures Crew was on hand again to sort through the winners. Today, we are here to share the winning bowls, and find out "WHO HAS THE BEST STEAMING CHILI IN DAYTON?"   But first, why is everyone cooking and for what cause ? WHAT IS AMBUCS CHARITY?  AMBUCS stands for "American Business Clubs."  The organization's mission is to  provide therapeutic tricycles to … [Read more...]

Stone House Tavern & DMM’s Food Adventures Hosts Local Beer Tasting Dec 15th

Calling all beer enthusiasts! Would you love to talk to the people that brew your favorite beers? Dec 15th will be your chance to mingle and drink with the owners of 5 area brewing companies. Stone House Tavern is teaming up with the Food Adventures Crew for this one-night-only party!   They have pulled the chairs out of the bar, and will even host an after party with drink specials. Stone House Tavern is only releasing 50 tickets for this pre-pay only event.  It is also a great chance to sample some of the best kitchen creations from Stone House! You can only order your tickets … [Read more...]

Locally Owned Housemade Sauces Introduces Green Sriracha

Your favorite locally owned hot sauce company, Housemade Sauces, is going GREEN.  Serrano Green that is...  Local Chef LeeAnne House has released some more bottles that she hopes will be as sought after as her previous sauces.  LeeAnne has worked in the food industry her entire life, and comes from a family of restaurant entrepreneurs.  We have the scoop on Chef House and her latest culinary creation. *** And we are giving a FREE bottle away to a lucky, random reader who comments below ***   HERE'S THE SKINNY on THE NEW SERRANO GREEN HOT SAUCE: --- Serrano peppers, tomatillos … [Read more...]

Mikesells: Tins and New Flavors? ! WIN CHIPS !

Mikesell's Snack Food Company is bringing back the holiday tins for the first time in 15 years!  They are also going to introduce some new flavors in 2016 and we have the scoop. The Food Adventures Crew was lucky enough to sample the new flavors  and we are so excited about the throwback tins, that we are giving away some free chips!   ***Want to win some of your favorite hometown potato chips?  *** Then comment below and we will award 3 winners the new tins that are coming to stores next week!   HERE'S THE SKINNY: --- Since 1910, Mikesells Potato Chips have been … [Read more...]