AleFeast – Beer & Food Pairings Galore

For years restaurant have made pairing suggestions of wine that compliments their food.  But in the last few years, as craft beer has exploded across the country, more and more eateries are realizing that beer may actually be more food-friendly that wine.  There are a couple of ways to go about pairing, complementary or contrasting flavors? The first would be like  pairing a spicy Thai dish with a spicy pale ale.  The opposite approach suggests that contrasting flavors are pleasing in a ying-yang sort of way: A dry, bitter stout classically pairs with oysters, perhaps "cutting through" the … [Read more...]

Dive Bar Tuesday – Phone Booth Lounge

Since the team started working on Dive Bar Tuesdays, one bar has been at the top of our list to get to sooner than later. It is one that we all discovered while working together and we had been attending for a while. The location was relatively central to where we all lived, the food and drink prices were right, and the atmosphere was incredibly relaxed. Schedules did not align, especially since on Tuesday nights the bar was packed. Packed to the point people were making reservations. Reservations? In a dive bar? When Tuesday Night Trivia is so popular that majority of the tables in the place … [Read more...]

First Anniversary For Craft Beer And Fine Wine Bottle Shop

We first wrote about The Barrel House – Coming Soon To Third And Wayne in January 2013.  At that time, Olive owner Kimberly Collett had recruited her cousin Jeff Heater to move from Maine to come to Dayton as her partner and manage this coffee shop for beer.  Jeff jumped write in to oversee the remodel of the building as the GM & Chief Beer Geek. It took a while, to maneuver through some construction and lease obstacles and The Barrel House officially opened on Jan 30, 2015.  On the eve of their first anniversary celebration on Sat, Jan 30th,  Jeff took some time to talk with … [Read more...]

Beer Dinner with MadTree Brewing Company

Join us for a gathering of freinds, family and community members celebrating a unified love of food and beer! This month we're highlighting Cincinnati's very own MadTree Brewing Company, by combining delicious high-quality fare with MadTree craft brews in a festive, muli-course meal. … [Read more...]

DAYTON BREW HA-HA: A Midwest Mash-Up & Ticket Give Away

For the 5th year in a row The Montessori School of Dayton will host a craft beer fundraiser,  which will take place Sat, Jan 30th at the school. This year Dayton Brew Ha-Ha showcases world-class beer produced in the Midwest. Proceeds from the event will go to the school’s capital improvement fund. While the East and West coasts are generally thought of as brewing epicenters, the Midwest has been not-so-quietly producing our own superstars. From established breweries like Founders, Bell’s, Jackie O’s, and Upland to rising stars like Rhinegeist, MadTree, and North High, to all of local … [Read more...]

Dive Bar Tuesday: Dog’s Breath Tavern

Last week was cold. And snowy. So when we were looking for a dive bar to visit, we wanted something relatively central. There are many in the area that we have been to, but one I had always been curious about but had not explored. Well, not since I moved to the great city of Dayton, and it was better known as Alan’s Billiard’s and Brew. When it was Alan’s, I remember pool tables as far as the eye could see and beer that was exactly what beer should be: inexpensive and cold. I don’t remember much in the way of food, but who needed it? It would just ruin the flow of beer and pool. Bits and … [Read more...]

Dive Bar Tuesday: Miami Valley Sports Bar

We love to talk about the crafted, well built side of the culinary world: fine dining, well balanced cocktails, and hand crafted beers. What we don’t discuss very often is the other side of the coin. The places where the food is comfortable, the shots are full, and the beer is cheap. Dive bars do not get the love that fine dining gets, and there is no good reason for it. There is a certain charm to loud and dimly lit places. You have some control of the music. They are a little more willing to serve one more (heavily poured) drink after last call. They have character, and there is nothing … [Read more...]

Fifth Street Brewpub Brings Back The Drink Up Dayton Challenge

Enter the Fifth Street Brewpub Drink Up Dayton Challenge! Just drink 18 great Dayton beers at FSB in January. Earn your Drink Up Ohio t-shirt by drinking just 18 beers at the brewpub. Eight FSB Beers & one from each of the ten local participating breweries…you’ve got the whole month of January to do it! How to play ~ First ask your server for an official Drink Up Dayton Playing Card. With each beer you drink in January, your server will “stamp it”. Then return your completed card with 18 beers stamped to FSB no later than January 31st and qualify to receive your Drink Up Dayton t-shirt. … [Read more...]

Crooked Handle Brewing Co. Opens For Christmas

The Miami Valley's newest brewery opened their doors up tonight for a friends and family preview in the Springoboro Settlers Walk shopping center.  Crooked Handle owner and head brewer Jason Moore he and his partner Jeff Pedro Jr started shopping their business plan for the micro brewery about 2 and 1/2 years ago.  They found two Springboro investors and signed a lease for their  Crooked Handle Brewing Co. location at 760 N. Main Street, just around the plaza from Dorothy Lane Market, on May 1st and began ordering equipment soon after.  And then they waited.  Equipment they expected in a … [Read more...]

Ketttering Gas & Growler Stop

In the last several years the craft beer movement has found a solid audience in the Miami Valley.  With 11 local breweries (soon to be 12, as Crooked Handle Brewing Co will open in Springboro anytime now) and over 40 local places to fill growlers in the area, beer lovers have grown a more sophisticated palate. The way they drink beer has changed.  No longer content to pick up a 6 pack of what's on sale, consumers are becoming much more discerning about the beer they want to drink at home. Realizing that, Andy Elshire of the Town and Country Shell has just opened up a growler fill station … [Read more...]