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New York Weenies Invade Dayton


Using Evan's Bakery and Dorothy Lane Market's buns, Kowalksi Hots specializes in Hoffman brand hot dogs, Zweigel brand hot dogs and Sahlen's brand from Buffalo. He offers local burger meat and uses Jaworski brand, a Cleveland favorite for his Polish Kielbasa and Italian Sausages

Lily’s Bistro 4th of July Barbecue

Lilys 4th Web

We are hoping everybody has the chance to celebrate the 4th with a BBQ, and we’ll be grilling rain or shine, although of course we hope to be cooking on one of our award-winning patios” Emily Mendenhall, Lily’s manager, said. “We’ll also be using the night to celebrate our two-year anniversary,” she continued.

Fronana Creamery Sets Grand Opening


The new store will offer up Fronana by the scoop, by the pint, as well as an exciting new line of frozen treats like Fronana sandwiches, and even Fronana Buckeyes. Fronana is a frozen treat that is made primarily from bananas. Made from all natural ingredients and served by the scoop like gelato, but contains no dairy, added sugar, artificial ingredients, preservatives, stabilizers or gluten.

Beer! 2nd Annual Craft Beer Festival at Yellow Cab


Attendees get a 6 ounce beer from all 12 of the local breweries, entry to the venue and live music, and a complimentary tasting glass that you can take with you

Cooking with Your Kids


So when Coraline (my 5 year old) first asked me in that sweet little voice of hers at the age of 3 if she could help me cook, my foodie heart about exploded! My mind flooded with these picturesque scenes of my daughter and I laughing and singing in the kitchen as we created delicious memories together!

Downtown Residents Petitioning For Indian Restaurant


Dear owners of Amar, Ajanta, Maharaja, Jeet, India Chaat, or any other Indian culinary entrepreneur out there: We the undersigned residents, workers, and/or frequent visitors of Greater Downtown Dayton, do hereby request that you open a new location in the center of town.

Archer’s Tavern Celebrates 5th Bday with Busy Week


Centerville's Archer's Tavern celebrates their 5th anniversary with a week chocked full of fun events like 1/2 off bar drinks from 11am -9pm, a Margaritaville Party, Disco night and a Crawfish boil!

Taste at the Crossroads This Tuesday


A Taste at the Crossroads is an annual event designed to showcase restaurants and catering companies from across the Miami Valley

Ohio ABV Increase Bill Gaining Traction


Representative Dan Ramos, D-Lorain, continues to push legislation that would increase the maximum ABV for beer from 12% to 21% to modernize Ohio’s antiquated beer laws with H.B. 68.

Cobblestone Cafe Quietly Reaches 15th Anniversary


  This feature article is about a place that many Dayton area foodies have never visited.  But somehow, it remains very busy and this week is quietly completing its 15th year in business.  The Cobblestone Cafe, in Waynesville, has personality.  It is connected to a little home decor shop.  The cafe is a mom and pop version of 'Cracker Barrel,' but light years ahead.  The store is elegant meets antique, and the food is gourmet.   The laid back atmosphere is a perfect venue for chef creations is a quaint, cozy country atmosphere.  This article could just of easily been titled "The … [Read more...]