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About That Abs Class…

The other night someone stopped by my gym to ask about what kind of training I do. After explaining that I focus primarily on personal training with a strength focus, the person asked if I do training sessions specifically focused on "abs." This made me think about the gap between what people want and what they actually need. I can tell a lot about whether a person is committed to goals and process or their comfortable routines based on what types of exercise they do. Generally, I've found that devotees to classes and cardio machines are addicted to their routine. They like their 7 … [Read more...]

Family Conversations About Meals

What are you having for dinner tonight? You should know the answer to that question, even if your spouse is the one responsible for preparing dinner on this particular evening. Lately I've been coaching a number of people who can't answer that question, usually because they've outsourced all responsibility to their significant other. The problem with this scenario--even if, at best, it represents a mutually agreeable division of labor--is that it removes responsibility, buy-in, and empowerment from one half of the household equation. Most of the time--though not quite all--it's us … [Read more...]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Donut !

Look, over at Centerville Stadium, caped superheros of all sorts are descending on the track for a 5k / 10k Walk/Run this Saturday, April 16th!  They are able to leap a dozen pretzel donuts in a single bound.  They are the runners/walkers for this special event. Dubbed the "Bill's Donut Superhero Run," this walk/run event is for kids and adults.   Most importantly it benefits a local charity, the Dayton, Ohio Affiliate Chapter of "A Special Wish Foundation, Inc.," covering Montgomery, Darke, Mercer, Miami, Greene & Shelby Counties. The event allows families to participate together, … [Read more...]

Silent Meditation Relay Sunday April 17th

Join the Natural Path Meditation Center for a day of Heartfulness meditation silent retreat on their serene, seven wooded acres nestled in the heart of Beavercreek . Help to elevate your own inner condition, as well as raise the vibration of our surrounding communities to create a more harmonious world! You are welcome to join us for as many meditation sessions as you like. You may come to the center and meditate, or even join us remotely for the meditation sessions. There is never any fee charged to learn, or join us in meditation. We can accommodate close to 300 people in our hall. If … [Read more...]

Do You Have Any Rituals?

Do you have any rituals? Bedtime? Work? Morning? Life comes at us in waves, and we don’t often have the time or take the time to appreciate the details. One way to combat this passivity, this letting life happen to us, is to develop some rituals around the simplest day-to-day activities. My rituals may look nothing like whatever would turn you on, but I thought I’d share some of mine to give you an idea of what taking the time to smell the flowers can look like in your own life. The Ritual: Morning coffee Every morning I walk over to Press on Wayne Ave. to grab a coffee. I can make my … [Read more...]

12 Mile River Race and Fun Float on Great Miami

Adventures on the Great Miami is excited to be hosting the Miami Valley’s first River Race and Fun Float on Saturday, June 25. Launching from Treasure Island Park in Troy, the course stretches over 12 miles of the beautiful Great Miami River, ending at Adventures on the Great Miami in Tipp City. “We’ve set up six check points along the way and will have floating volunteers to ensure a safe and fun day on the river for everyone,” Brian Johnson, organizer said. “It’s our first race but we’ve looked at a number of similar events to see what works best.” Race prizes include cash, credit to … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Butt Stuff

If you're committed to the pursuit of strength, then you ought not worry about whether or not you'll be able to fit into those skinny jeans. In fact, if you're getting progressively stronger, more mobile, and healthier, chances are you're NOT going to be able to fit into those skinny jeans. That's a good thing. But I still have clients, mostly women, who worry about fitting into their same jeans after a few weeks of working out. They're losing body fat, feeling stronger, and moving better, but there's a connection between how and whether clothes fit some women and their self esteem that … [Read more...]

Wheel in Wednesdays at Young’s Jersey Dairy

Do you ride the bike trails out towards Yellow Springs?  Perhaps this news will give you some inspiration to do so.  Every Wednesday when you ride out to Young's Jersey Dairy and let them know you're there for Wheel in Wednesday you can  get a free extra dip of Young’s Homemade Ice Cream on any ice cream purchase at The Dairy Store or a free mini-dessert at The Golden Jersey Inn with the purchase of your meal. Or you can use their parking lot to drive out to Yellow Springs with your bike on car rack, unload your bike and make Young's your starting point.  One of the nation’s premier bike … [Read more...]

You Changed Your Body. Now What?

This week I've had more than one person express fear to me about their new habits. They're lifting now, eating better, feeling better, and looking better, and just when you think things couldn't be any better the old adversary pays a visit. Fear. If you've done the hard work and engaged in the self-reflection necessary to change your body, you want to keep the "new you." This desire can cause more than a little anxiety about slipping back into the old ways that yielded the old you. I wish I could tell you or my clients that I can guarantee that you won't slip back into the old … [Read more...]

11 Must Do Outdoor Activities For April

The weather is warming up and everything’s turning green. After a cold, gray winter, the blue skies, new leaves, and warm breezes beckon everyone to come out and play for a while. In the excitement of a new season of growth, here are some activities to make the most of all that spring has to offer. Fri, April 1 Intro To Fly Fishing Delco Park  2-3:30pm Have you ever wanted to try fly fishing but didn't know where to begin? Here is your chance! Register for this hands-on class. Tues, April 05 Miami Valley Outdoor Club Meeting Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark  6:30pm Try Mountain … [Read more...]