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Put Sleep On Your Calendar.


Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re planning your day, or maybe your week. You’re trying to get fit, so you schedule in some gym time. You’ve been trying to eat healthier, so you know you need to leave some extra cooking time. Maybe you’re making it a point to drink water instead of soda and you have your water bottle ready before you go to bed so you can grab it on your way to work. Because you know all of these things have to fit in with the rest of your life, you’ve scheduled in meetings, work tasks, and even some down time with your significant other. You do all of these things … [Read more...]

For Women Only: Self Defense Training!


Ladies of Dayton, this is a special invitation! Total Taekwondo and Fitness, (TTF), will be hosting a women's only self-defense and empowerment class on Tuesday, September 1 from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm. This is definitely something you do not want to miss. Grab your girls and head over to TTF to learn how to defend yourself against common attacks, refuse to be a victim, and go home safe! This class is open to all women ages 15 years and older. The investment is $20, and also includes the optional Hit & Fit Boxing/Kickboxing class after the self defense training at 7:00 p.m. This is … [Read more...]

End of Summer Weekend Fun!


Daytonians this weekend is shaping up to be full of fun outdoor events for the whole family! The end of the summer is ripe with activities, time to get out and enjoy the season with some unique experiences. Summer fun on the farm festival, a very special corn maze, and a volleyball tournament that supports an honorable cause are all happening this weekend right here in your home town!

Pick something up this week and get stronger.


When you’re standing up and holding a thing, like a barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell, and you lift that thing over your head, your body has to execute a complex set of operations to ensure that your spine doesn’t collapse on itself and your deltoids don’t get shredded apart. This complex movement helps you do everyday things better, like put a heavy thing on a tall shelf—or if you’re someone like a firefighter, pull a ceiling down.

Underwear Run and Disc Golf, an Interesting Couple

Super Underwear Shirt LOGO F

Daytonians, what does running in your underwear and disc golf have in common? They are both happening in Dayton this weekend!

Learn To Cook. If Not Today, Then This Weekend.


The most effective tool for maintaining a healthy diet is deliciousness. But deliciousness doesn’t happen over night. You have to work for it. You have to get your reps in. You have to burn some dinners and fail. Cooking, like strength, is a skill game. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

Meteor Showers, 5ks and Dog Centric Events Galore


Daytonians this weekend is shaping up to be a wonderful opportunity to get outside and be active! Extra bonus: two pet friendly events. There are a lot of unique things this weekend such as the Perseid meteor shower camp out, the doggie dash 'n' splash fest, and a dog day afternoon. Also, some very special 5K runs are taking place Saturday and Sunday that benefit incredible organizations and families. On Friday, August 1 On Friday, August 14 take a journey out to Glen Helen Nature Preserve to camp, learn about stars, and most of all, watch the sky during the Perseid meteor … [Read more...]

Trying To Get Healthy? Keep It Simple To Start.

Jason arms folded

I’ve worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach all across this country, from New York to Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. As I return to my roots in the Dayton area, I’ll be using this space to write about health, wellness, and lifestyle with an eye toward the practical, the sustainable, and the efficient. Probably the most important thing that I’ve learned over the last ten years in an exploding industry is that health and fitness have become needlessly complicated for busy people. My goal in my work and in this space is to fix that. So let’s get started. If you’re the average … [Read more...]

Outdoor Activities Abound


Carriage Hill Farm & Metropark offers hand led pony rides every Saturday for children ages 2-8. The rides take place from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. for $5.

3rd Annual 5k for Kelli at Wegerzyn Gardens

5k for Kelli is in memory of Kelli James

Sure there are plenty of 5k races in the area, but the upcoming 5k for Kelli is particularly close to my heart, as well as many other people in the Dayton area. Kelli James, a beloved wife, mother and sister, passed away in 2006 at the age of 40 to that cruel beast known as breast cancer. Kelli's two ambitious sisters, Elesha Snyder and Mandi Moore, set to work. They wanted to honor their sister and help others going through this horrific situation. Elesha explains the motivation for this race: "She was a very healthy person who never smoked or drank, and enjoyed outdoor activities. She was … [Read more...]