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Downtown Businesses Here To Rescue You From Lame Valentine’s Day

Whether you truly "heart" Valentine's Day, shun the celebration, or are simply ambivalent to arrow-slinging amoretti, if you're looking for heartfelt gifts, awesome dinner specials, or great local music, downtown Dayton has you covered. Choose your own adventure in today's post to create the best weekend experience plopped in the middle of a frigid February. Date Night Find out why rated Dayton in its top 20 list of most romantic U.S. cities. If you need gifts and activities for you and your sweetie, here are a few suggestions to squeeze every last drop of romance out of your … [Read more...]

Strength, Individual Edition

I used to write a regular newsletter for my business, but contributing weekly columns here largely has brought that output to a screeching halt. It's not a complaint so much as an admission to my limited capacity for meaningful output. To the extent that I lament my newsletter's slow demise, it's because I miss having an avenue where I could explore broadly without fear of alienating anyone. That is, if you signed up for the Present Tense Fitness newsletter, you sort of knew that you were just as likely to get a think piece on street art as you were anything about squats. In this space, … [Read more...]

Sign Ups Open For 5th Annual SUBWAY® Dragons 5K

Registration is underway for the 5th Annual SUBWAY® Dragons 5K at Fifth Third Field on Saturday, July 23. For the fifth straight year, the Dragons and SUBWAY® have teamed up for one of the Miami Valley’s biggest races! All participants in the run receive an official 5K shirt, tickets to a Dragons game, two vouchers for FREE subs/salads from SUBWAY® restaurants, and more. On top of all the great race bag gear, if fans sign up for the race in the first 30 days of registration opening (by February 24), they will receive a bonus of two tickets to a Dragons game in April! Following the … [Read more...]

Ignore the shame and just find what works

Somewhere along the line--after I began personal training, but before I started taking the profession seriously--I noticed that if I drank more water, I felt better. My skin felt better, my trips to the bathroom were more, um, comfortable, and I had more energy in the gym. Rewind to about ten years or so ago, when I bought a souvenir "BPA free" water bottle at MIT during a quick trip through Boston. I didn't think much about that bottle until I realized how much better I felt when I was hydrated, so I dusted it off and it never left my side for years. I consumed plenty of water and … [Read more...]

Breathe n Flow – An Interview With Tori M. Reynolds – Owner, Speakeasy Yoga

If you're anything like me, you've been anticipating with great excitement the opening of Speakeasy Yoga coming this February to downtown Dayton. I had the immense please of interviewing Tori about the opening and what big things she's has in store! DMM and Dayton are so excited for classes to begin! Breathe n Flow - An Interview with Tori M. Reynolds - Owner, Speakeasy Yoga - Dayton, Ohio Q: Tell us a little about yourself, what got you here and what has inspired you most to do business in Dayton? Tori: I’m a Dayton native and proud of it! I was born here and even though I’m an … [Read more...]

Natural Exercise!

Daytonians the winter season is steadily moving forward, and it is less than two months until spring! Even though it is a little cooler outside and the days are a bit shorter, don't let that stop you from getting out in nature and being active. There are many wonderful opportunities to do something good for your health and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. Check out some of the different parks and guided hikes offered weekly in the Dayton metropolitan area.   The Miami County Park District will hold an Adult Exploration Hike on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 from 9:00 am … [Read more...]

Lifting Weights Isn’t Just For Competition

The fitness industry has made great strides toward making women feel more comfortable in weight rooms across the country, but there's still some work to be done. Twenty years ago fitness types were still selling women the fiction that they might "get big" if they lifted heavy weights and didn't spend countless hours "doing cardio." Based on what I hear from new clients this old myth persists among many women, but it seems to be dying a slow death thanks to fitness thought leaders like Jen Sinkler and Neghar Fonooni, among others. There still exists a subtle roadblock, however, that … [Read more...]

Winter Walks! Dayton’s Best

Winter blues? Nah! Winter fun! Hey Guys! Remember me? Found Dayton, left Dayton, came back to Dayton, got married in Dayton now working, living and loving being back in the city, back home. There’s a little more to it than that and whole journey that brought me home but long story short I’m back writing for DaytonMostMetro only this time instead of dating adventures, I’m covering outdoor adventures and all that our great city has to offer for us nature enthusiasts. If you’re like most of us in Ohio, the dreary months of Winter tend to bring you down, either from the gray skies or your … [Read more...]

Get fit with Dance Cardio at TABS Fitness – Free Class Offer

Over the years, I've worked out at gyms, group classes, yoga studios, you name it! Group classes tend to keep me motivated, so I've checked out a lot of them over the years. There are some instructors you immediate click with, and others not so much. One of the instructors I've always enjoyed over the years is Tabra Bilbrey. She's fun, with just the right amount of spunk! Best of all, I've always found her workouts to be just right, hard enough to push me, but not so difficult I'm left panting in the corner. Lucky us that she has opened her own studio, called TABS Fitness, specializing in … [Read more...]

Moon Magic!

Daytonians bundle up this weekend and spend Saturday evening participating in an extra special outdoor activity. The first full moon of the year is coming up and what better way to enjoy it than out in nature. Head over to Yellow Springs and experience some magnificent moon magic! The full moon hike at the Glen Helen Preserve will occur on Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 8:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. This event is free for members and only $5.00 for nonmembers. Enjoy hot chocolate and the warmth of a fire before an exploration of the Glen by moonlight with naturalist Paul Sampson. This … [Read more...]