Get a Taste of Adventure with the Biennial Adventure Speaker Series

Check out Eleanor Moseman's presentation tonight at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark. This Dayton native will tell her story about bicycling 15,000 miles across Asia as the kick-off to the Adventure Speaker Series.

Check out Eleanor Moseman’s presentation tonight at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark. This Dayton native will tell her story about bicycling 15,000 miles across Asia as the kick-off to the Adventure Speaker Series.

We’re barely a third of the way into the winter season and I’m already feeling cabin-feverish. I try to take advantage of the snow while it’s here. I’ve gone sledding and skiing and ice skating, but regardless of how many times I try to use precipitation as a propellant and rocket myself down a hill or across a sheet of rock-hard ice, I still find myself craving more outdoor adventure. If you’re the type of adventure-seeker opportunist and, say, enjoys driving a car over the cobbled humps of frozen snow lining an un-plowed street because you can pretend you’re blazing trails across the Arctic tundra, you may enjoy the escapism offered through the Adventure Speaker Series.

Five Rivers MetroParks and Wright State University team up every year to produce the speaker series and the biennial Adventure Summit. This year’s speaker series features adventurers who hail from the East Coast and ones who call Dayton and Cincinnati home. If you’re looking for inspiring stories, generate ideas for your next big adventure, or just want to live vicariously through the tales of other adventurers, check out the speaker series.

Venues for the Adventure Speaker Series switch between Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark and the Wright State University Student Union. All programs start at 7 p.m. and are free to attend. The fun kicks off tonight at Wegerzyn with Dayton-native Eleanor Moseman and her presentation, “One Woman, Her Bicycle and 15,000 Miles across Asia.” The rest of the lineup is as follows:


7 p.m. Jan. 8, Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark

In the spring of 2010, armed with a fluency in Mandarin and a history of bike commuting, Eleanor took off on a two year cycling adventure. She went slow, avoided well-known routes, and took time to get to know the locals. While her exploits include braving sandstorms in the Gobi Desert, camping at -25°C in the Tianshan Mountains, and weathering a blizzard in Kyrgyzstan, Moseman’s aim were cultural experiences such as building a mud house in Yunnan, receiving a sponge bath from Tajik women, riding a horse during a Buzkashi match in Kyrgyzstan, and witnessing a Shaman ritual in U-Tsang Tibet. Learn more of Eleanor’s extensive bicycle explorations by visiting This program is being co-hosted by the Miami Valley Outdoor Club, Learn more at


7 p.m. Jan. 17, Wright State University, Apollo Room

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The Movement is the story of one man returning to the mountain where his life was changed forever. He receives inspiration in his quest from four people who overcame physical disabilities to discover the freedom of movement. Peppered with humor and drama, this is a story of people who face adversity with an intense inner fire. Following the movie, a panel of local adaptive skiing experts will discuss how their lives have been impacted by sport. Learn more at


7 p.m. Jan. 24, Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark

Henry Dorfman is a co-founder of Paddlefest Cincinnati and founder of, the largest local paddling club in the country with over 2,200 members. In that capacity, he has led hundreds of sea kayak and whitewater paddling trips from Canada to Central America and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In 2011, he set a record by kayaking on all five Great Lakes within a span of five consecutive days. Learn more at


7 p.m. Jan. 30, Wright State University, Apollo Room

In 2004 Christine successfully and miserably climbed Mt. Rainier during a six-day climbing seminar with RMI Guides. The question of how well she does at altitude was answered: “Bad!” In 2008 she went back to happily backpack around the mountain on the lower elevation Wonderland Trail, which became one of her favorite trails. Come take the journey “Up and Around Mt. Rainier”! Learn more at




7 p.m. Feb. 7, Wright State University, Apollo Room

What’s Additive Adventure? It’s Featured Speaker Majka’s term for when adventure extends beyond exploration to create cultural and environmental connection. From climbing impeccable first ascents in Namibia, to climbing vertical grass for science in Mozambique, to treading the fine line of vertical legality in Ethiopia and Cuba, Additive Adventure takes a global look at the individual’s role in larger issues and communities. Can the grandest adventure create the smallest conversation with the largest impact? Can being a global citizen begin with a climb? Can your passion lead you to your greatest impact? If you said yes, then we’re all bound for a more globally integrated tomorrow. Learn more about her adventures at or

Get inspired to “Get Out & Live” with Five Rivers MetroParks and Wright State University, and try not to break a hip while you invent new means of trans-ice travel.

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