Another Year, Barney’s Version + FREE Oscar Party!

Hello Everyone. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Though RABBIT HOLE didn't perform quite like THE KING'S SPEECH, you helped make Dayton look a lot more film savvy than many other similar-sized markets. RABBIT HOLE had a successful weekend, and I've heard many, many positive reviews. Therefor, RABBIT HOLE will stick around...and we'll still manage to open 2 new films - BARNEY'S VERSION and ANOTHER YEAR. Synopsis for ANOTHER YEAR: "British filmmaker Mike Leigh delivers another emotionally honest portrait of ordinary people trying to make sense of their lives in this comedy drama. Tom (Jim … [Read more...]

RABBIT HOLE is Incredible. Don’t Miss It!

Hello Everyone. While at The Toronto International Film Festival last September, I saw close to 30 films from around the world. Only 2 English-language films made my "Top 5." One was THE KING'S SPEECH (you loved that, right?)...the other was RABBIT HOLE - starring Nicole Kidman & Aaron Eckhart and directed by John Cameron Mitchell. This film has not been performing very well around the country, so folks don't have high hopes for it in Dayton...but you can help change the trend by supporting this film opening weekend. It's true that the subject matter is sad (that's why people are … [Read more...]

New Oscar Nominee Opens Friday at THE NEON

Hello Everyone. As many of you already know, we will open THE ILLUSIONIST on Friday (2/11). Oscar-Nominated for "Best Animated Feature," several of you have expressed a big desire to see this film. Of course we also have the added bonus of checking out a special short film during select screenings. FALLING UP is a beautiful stop-action film made by Dayton native Djuna Wahlrab. This stunning film, with sets based on local architecture (and an opening live/animated scene shot in downtown Dayton), will play before THE ILLUSIONIST during the 3:00 and 7:30 screenings during the week of Friday, … [Read more...]

2 Hits and Events Galore at THE NEON!

Hello Everyone. It's been a long, long time since we've had two hits with such longevity. We're going to hold onto both BLACK SWAN and THE KING'S SPEECH for another week...and we're currently planning to open MADE IN DAGENHAM on January 21. That said, the Golden Globes this Sunday may end up moving our entire schedule around for the coming weeks...and the upcoming Oscar nominations will also play a part. I'll keep you posted. BLACK SWAN Official Site. THE KING'S SPEECH Official Site. In the next few weeks, we have numerous special events. In each case, THE NEON has been rented by a … [Read more...]

Holiday Success at THE NEON! Thank You!!

Hello Everyone. I returned to Dayton on December 24 (after visiting with my folks for a couple days) to find that we had lost exclusivity with our engagement of THE KING'S SPEECH...and I'll admit I was disappointed and a bit heartbroken. But I shouldn't have been. More Daytonians supported THE KING'S SPEECH at THE NEON than at any of the multiplexes...and I thank you for your support! We have had a couple sell-outs and numerous large audiences since the film opened on December 25, and people are absolutely loving the film. If you haven't seen it yet, we hope to see you soon! If you've … [Read more...]

THE KING’S SPEECH – Exclusively at THE NEON!

Hello Everyone. I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that THE KING'S SPEECH will open exclusively at THE NEON on December 25. Being that the 25th is a Saturday, our schedule is a bit strange this week. THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET'S NEST will play through Friday, THE KING'S SPEECH starts Saturday, and BLACK SWAN will hold. And speaking of BLACK SWAN...Wow! What a weekend! For a film that opened on multiple screens, BLACK SWAN was our biggest opening of the year. (That said, CRAZY HEART - which we had exclusively for one week back in January - was still our best.) Synopsis for THE … [Read more...]

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest & Other Great NEON News!

THIS JUST IN!!!  BLACK SWAN has moved up!  It will now open on December 17th (instead of the 22nd)! Hello Everyone. First off, I need to let you know that FAIR GAME will have its last day at THE NEON on Thursday. Folks have been loving this film, but attendance fell drastically this it has to go. For remaining showtimes, please visit our website. 127 HOURS will stick around. Before I move forward with more of this week's news, I'm delighted to let you know that we have managed to book a film that is destined to be a huge hit with us. THE KING'S SPEECH, which I saw and … [Read more...]

Toronto – THE FILMS – Day #5 (+ An Old Friend)

After getting some needed tickets early this morning, I met up for lunch with a friend - Bill Taylor.  We met in line for TALK TO HER at TIFF in 2002, and we've stayed in touch all these years. He's a talented filmmaker, and we will screen one of his films - THE YOUNG PRIME MINISTER - at this year's LGBT Film Fest (it plays with I KILLED MY MOTHER on opening night - Friday, Sept. 24).  Do you already have tickets? In regards to screenings, I saw three films today. First off was Susanne Bier's IN A BETTER WORLD.  Bier is an incredible filmmaker.  The first film I saw by her was also at … [Read more...]