Remembering Tim Taylor and Jeremy Frederick

Written by Art Jipson & Shelly Hulce Dayton, Ohio- This Saturday the Dayton music community remembers several members of our music family.  Jeremy Frederick Presents: North Of Nowhere South brings together several exciting bands to celebrate the life and music of Jeremy Frederick. The Dayton music community has long had a unique “band of brothers” landscape as far back as anyone can remember.  Even in the 1970’s when Dayton funk was taking the world by storm, it was very much a family affair here on the Dayton home front.  It might be a Midwest thing, but the social bond between … [Read more...]

Music Video Monday: March 12, 2012

A few weeks ago, we told you about Oh Condor's new cassette EP, Reflector, out now on Gas Daddy Go Records.  What we didn't tell you is that the band also has a new music video.  You can catch them live on March 24 at South Park Tavern with the Lab Partners and The Flesh Pets. [yframe url=''] … [Read more...]

Gas Daddy Go! Records Celebrates Releases from Motel Beds, Oh Condor

Founded in 1989, Gas Daddy Go! Records had been mostly inactive for the past 10 years.  However, after the label's relaunch in late 2011, the label has wasted no time in putting out some great local music.  Their first release was the Smug Brothers' Treasure Virgins EP, which coincided with the label's relaunch.  Treasure Virgins was the first in what will be a series of EPs released on cassette and accompanied by download codes. “I’m excited to have the label up and running again,” said Don Thrasher, found of Gas Daddy Go! Records, upon the label's relaunch. “I’m even more stoked that … [Read more...]

Music Video Monday: June 13, 2011

Ah, Monday the of.....looking forward to great music this weekend. The weekend kicks off with a great lineup at Blind Bob's.  Cincinnati's Great Young Hunters will join three great local bands onstage: Ape the Ghost, which features members of Sleepybird, We Were Animals, which features members of Ed Vs. Radio, and Oh Condor, the new name for 8-bit Revival. In honor of their re-naming and this weekend's show, our music video 8-bit Revival performing at Blind Bob's last spring courtesy of The Music Seen.  Full details about this weekend's show are available at the Dayton MostMetro … [Read more...]