For the Love of Beer and Community – An Interview with Mike Schwartz

The craft beer business has been booming for the last two decades. Since the late 1980’s, craft beer has been slowly nibbling at the edges of the big name beers that people knew well and enjoyed. Sam Adams led the charge at a time when there were roughly 90 breweries in the United States. That number has grown to over 2,500 in 2013, and it looks like there is no slowing down. Dayton has multiple breweries and brew pubs opening in the area, adding to the seventy that already dot the state of Ohio. As this beer explosion was happening, there was a business that was quietly growing with it. … [Read more...]

Aging Beer Like Fine Wine

Have you ever had a Bud or a Miller that was just a little bit too old? Perhaps someone left it in the garage during a party in the Spring, and you forgot all about it until well after Summer was over. You thought "Oh, what the heck" and cracked it open to see how it tastes. Uh oh. If you've done something like this, then you are probably scarred for life. The thought of aging beer may sound like a one-way ticket to Skunksville. However, you may be surprised to know beers, like wine, can actually mature for months, years, and even decades. You might even find the occasional bottle that … [Read more...]