Tom Hanks Fever + Cincinnati & Dayton’s MILES AHEAD at THE NEON!

Hello Everyone, We're cleaning house this week!  On Friday, we will start two brand new films. First is Don Cheadle's MILES AHEAD. This film was shot in Cincinnati and Dayton, and many filmmakers and actors from the region participated in the production (I even had the privilege of being an extra for a day back in 2014). In addition, we'll open A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING - starring Tom Hanks. Dayton is currently quite excited about Hanks and his attachment to Wright State University. Interestingly, Stuart McDowell of WSU visited Hanks on the set of HOLOGRAM FOR A KING in Berlin. It was during … [Read more...]

Stone House Tavern & DMM’s Food Adventures Hosts Local Beer Tasting Dec 15th

Calling all beer enthusiasts! Would you love to talk to the people that brew your favorite beers? Dec 15th will be your chance to mingle and drink with the owners of 5 area brewing companies. Stone House Tavern is teaming up with the Food Adventures Crew for this one-night-only party!   They have pulled the chairs out of the bar, and will even host an after party with drink specials. Stone House Tavern is only releasing 50 tickets for this pre-pay only event.  It is also a great chance to sample some of the best kitchen creations from Stone House! You can only order your tickets … [Read more...]

Welcome To Ohio Beers, Baseball Fans!

Hello baseball fans! We are at the midpoint of the season, and it has been an interesting start. Despite the loss of some key talent, the Cardinals and the Yankees are still holding on to their divisions. No one at the start of the season saw the Astros being one of the best teams in the league, or the White Sox being one of the worst. The Royals are proving they were not a fluke, and the Cubs are hoping this is the year they can get back into playoff contention. Experts saw the NL dominated by three teams, but the AL was anyone’s to take.  One thing that everyone knew was that this … [Read more...]

Road Trip Food Adventure? Seafood Fest in Cincy Starts Tonight!

Whole lobsters for $10.95?? WHAT? .. No, the proper comment is YES! YES! YES!  Wanna take a drive?  It is time for a fish, mollusk, and crustacean FOOD ADVENTURE! The Great Inland Seafood Festival takes place this Thursday through Sunday on the banks of the Ohio River.   More specifically, the fest is at Newport Landing in Newport, KY.  Superfry and the Big Ragu are the only ones in Dayton with the full scoop on this road trip !   HERE'S THE SKINNY: --- The Great Inland Seafood Festival runs THURSDAY, AUG. 14 - SUNDAY, AUG. 17th.  --- The event is on Newport Landing, … [Read more...]

Mikesells Introduces Cincinnati Style Chili Potato Chips

Attention Dayton Foodies !! Here is something you wont see anywhere else .. YET.. Superfry & The Big Ragu love Mikesell's Potato Chips, and we love Cincinnati chili.   What an incredible idea the people at Mikesell's had to combine to two !   We first tried the proto-type chip last summer, with the founder of Mikesells, D.W. Mikesell's, great-grandson Luke Mapp.   We have been sworn to secrecy about the flavor until now .... Verdict ???   The chips are delicious.  So what makes them a MUST EAT ?? --- The spices have captured the chili taste to a tee, even the … [Read more...]

Walking Dead Food Adventure & Zombie Dogz at Horror Hound Weekend

Here is something you will not see anywhere else.  Superfry & the Big Ragu had a VIP experience at last weekend's Horror Hound convention in Sharonville.  We had a Food Adventure with Merle & Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead (Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker)!  Featured along with the Cast of the Walking Dead and many celebrities was a Dayton's own,  Zombie Dogz.  Typically a food truck, it was a little different this time for the gourmet hot dog masters.   They operated out of a catering booth inside the convention center.     Owners of  Zombie Dogz,  Lee and David VanArtsdalen and … [Read more...]

Rivertown Lambic – Snobby Beer Video Reviews

This is the Snobby Beer Review of the Lambic made by Rivertown Brewing Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio. The beer style is a lambic, which goes through what is called spontaneous fermentation where natural yeasts and bacteria are used to ferment the beer. Lambics are known for their "wild" flavors, which may include sourness and what is affectionately referred to as "funk". It's a very interesting style, and it was brewed right here in Ohio! This beer is the 2010 vintage. It can still be found at finer bottle shops in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and other areas where Rivertown is distributed. [yframe … [Read more...]