Haunted Dayton Beer Dinner Returns to Amber Rose


For the last 20 years, staff at the restaurant say that there are ghosts and apparitions that appear at all times of the day. There are also claims of unexplained phenomena such as glasses and dishes being tossed, lights going on and off and more.

Say It Ain’t So, Rinaldo !


One of Dayton's Iconic bakeries is closing September 14th.  No more huge elephant ears, half moon cookies, Italian wedding cake, tiramisu, or "adult" birthday cakes.  Rinaldo’s Bake Shoppe, located just north of downtown at  at 910 Fairview Ave., plans on closing its doors forever in less than 2 weeks. The Food Adventure is over for Rinaldo and Anna Stolfo, who came to Dayton from Italy and have been making baked goods for 45 years.  The bakery has been a staple for local Italian specialties and Kosher items.    The closing will come a day after the Dayton Italian Festival weekend aka "Fall … [Read more...]

Thinking Outside the Kid’s Lunch Box


It feels like summer barely started and here we are already looking to start another school year! It’s that time of year again where we make sure our kiddos have the necessary supplies, new clothes and even technology to start the school year off right. In addition to being so conscious about your student’s educational needs, let’s explore some creative and delicious options for their appetites! After all, Food Adventures aren't just for adults !  Dayton Most Metro's resident foodie mom, Hungry Jax, is here for some tips on making the most of your children's school … [Read more...]

DLM Food Adventure Cooking Class Promises Some “Firsts”


 Jackie "Hungry Jax" Scanlan, LeeAnne "Chef House" and Steve "The Big Ragu" Milano promise a cooking class like no other on Friday night August 14th.   This event will be a mix of a party, a cooking demo, trivia night and some prize giveaways.  The night is going to be as wild as Donald Trump's hair ! The "Party Foods" class marks the first time that the Food Adventures Crew will be taking over the Culinary Center at Dorothy Lane Market in Washington Township.  And it looks like a good one, filled with wine and beer as well. Food Adventures is a popular Dayton food blog, with  over 5,400 … [Read more...]

Aug-tober Fest hits Dayton, August 21st


The premier beer dinner event in August, is the new AUG-TOBERFEST, a Food Adventure being held by THE AMBER ROSE RESTAURANT on Friday August 21st at 7pm.

McGillicutty’s: The Greatest Breadsticks in the World


The waitress brings the overflowing basket of breadsticks to the table, still steaming…. Then the look..... you glance at the others at the table.  Should you grab a piece and risk being seen as rude?  Do you pause and risk not getting one of the best breadsticks in the world?  These are the kind of problems you will face at McGillicutty's. A popular Kettering icon, McGillicutty’s has always been known for their food and libations.  Let’s face it, it’s bar food, and McGillicutty’s has some of the best in town.  Whether it is Tuesday Night Trivia night, or lounging after a Softball game, it … [Read more...]

Get Your Garlic On This Sunday!


  The Menus in concert for free, 15 Food Vendors, Bocce Ball, Cooking Demos, and Beer.  Foodies and hungry people of Dayton, we proudly announce that Garlic Fest is ready for you this Sunday.  Dayton Most Metro and Food Adventures has the EXCLUSIVE SCOOP on food and timeline of the day! This is the ONLY spot that will list EVERY food vendor and point you in the way of a great garlic loving time! Come out....... it is in your breath interest !   HERE'S THE SKINNY: --- THE  2015 GARLIC FEST will be held at the Sons of Italy's Bella Villa Hall at 2625 County Line Rd in … [Read more...]

Summer Grilling Tips for Great Food Adventures !


  Who doesn't love a good cookout?  Most Daytonians are elbow deep in grilling season this summer.  From parties, to romantic dinners or family time, this is the time of the year to use that gas or charcoal grill.  The Food Adventures Crew is here with some helpful tips to make your grilling experiences a success.  The Big Ragu, Hungry Jax and Chef House share our MUST EATS an MUST DO's.. Grilling out version!   --- PREPARATION IS KEY:  Prepare beforehand to make it easy on yourself.  Marinade your meats and pre-slice veggies ahead of time instead of fumbling on the grill … [Read more...]

The Top 35 Burgers of Dayton


The undeniable top 35 list of the best burgers in Dayton, Ohio. Each is a burger in a class of its own.

Who was Dougie Apple?

Mikes I-Phone Pictures and Videos Feb 26 12 052

Sometimes a Daytonian's story bears repeating. As you know we go on many fantastic Food Adventures. One you can't miss is about 2 weeks away. Friday, May 15th is the Big Brews and Blues Festival. This is a blues festival with a cause. The event raises money for the Dayton Diabetes Association.