Coming Up in Cincinnati Theatre: March 14-18



Middletown Lyric Theatre

The Story: It is the night before President Nixon is to announce his resignation, and he has summoned Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to the Lincoln Sitting Room. Kissinger arrives, expecting to find his President preparing to resign but Nixon leads his Secretary of State on a journey through the high moments of his administration and Nixon’s past. The journey borders on the surreal as Nixon pressures Kissinger into reenacting crucial scenes. Meanwhile, Kissinger is subtly working to convince Nixon to step down so that he can pursue his geopolitical goals—and his own quest for historical glory—unencumbered by a weakened President.
The Dates: March 15-17, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Middletown Lyric Theatre | BTC listing


Rivertown Players Inc.

The Story: Set in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the restless years following World War Two A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE is the story of Blanche DuBois, a weak and disturbed woman on a desperate prowl for someplace in the world to call her own. After losing their ancestral home, Belle Reve, Blanche shows up at the doorstep of her sister, Stella. However, Blanche’s snobbery wins her the instant dislike of Stella’s husband, Stanley. Stanley becomes enraged when Blanche hits it off with Stanley’s friend, Mitch.
The Dates: March 15-17, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Rivertown Players | BTC listing



Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

The Story: “This is the story of how I stopped being a total disaster,” announces the heroine of this darkly funny and moving new comedy. Having recently earned her master’s degree, Sherry Wickman finds herself still living at home with a mother who won’t come downstairs and a depressed but smart-alecky sister. Follow Sherry’s quirky misadventures as she lands her first job and tackles her two biggest challenges … getting her mother out of bed and her sister off the couch.
The Dates: March 17-April 15, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park | BTC listing


Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati

The Story: This explosive new drama examines the relationship between headstrong Sarah, a star photojournalist, and James, a foreign correspondent, who were once addicted to the adrenaline of documenting the realities of war and are now grounded in their Brooklyn loft. Now, James writes online movie reviews while Sarah recovers from being injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, itching to get back behind the camera. But, when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life…and everything changes-in a flash.
The Dates: March 14-April 1, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati | BTC listing


Mariemont Players Inc.


The Story: Follows Cole Porter’s life – from Yale to Paris to Manhattan to Broadway to Hollywood. This delightful musical tribute to the King of Musicals includes such hit tunes as I Love Paris, Take Me Back to Manhattan, “Love for Sale, Night and Day, and I Get a Kick Out of You.
The Dates: March 9-25, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Mariemont Players Inc | BTC listing

The cast of MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG presented by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Photo by Sandy Underwood.


Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

The Story: Stephen Sondheim’s remarkable Broadway fable of friendship and the high price of success opens in the present and moves backward in time. The triumphs and failures of a jaded composer and his two closest friends are traced from their estranged ending to their idealistic beginning. Directed by John Doyle, who led Playhouse’s Tony Award-winning production of COMPANY, the performers in this highly anticipated revival will play all of the instruments as they act and sing in one of Sondheim’s most melodic scores. Ages 13 and up.
The Dates: March 3-31, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park | BTC Listing

Burgess Byrd as Clairee Belcher & Christine Dye as Ouiser Boudreaux in CCPA’s STEEL MAGNOLIAS.


Covedale Center for the Performing Arts

The Story: Welcome to Truvy’s beauty salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, where all the ladies who are “anybody” come to have their hair done. Filled with hilarious repartee and not a few revealing verbal collisions, the play invokes knowing laughter and certain tears when the spunky Shelby risks her life for a child of her own. The realization of mortality affects the others, but also draws on the underlying strength—and love – in these uniquely American women.
The Dates: March 8-April 1, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Cincinnati Landmark Productions | BTC listing



Lebanon Theatre Company

The Story: A mosaic of interrelated scenes—some funny, some touching, some rueful—which, taken together, create an in-depth portrait of a vanishing species of the upper-middle-class. The Dates: March 9-18, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Lebanon Theatre Company| BTC listing


Loveland Stage Company

The Story: A fading producer, Max Bialystock, convinces accountant Leo Bloom to partner with him in producing a guaranteed flop and then running off with the money they’ve raised. “Springtime for Hitler” couldn’t possibly be a hit, right?
The Dates: March 9-18, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Loveland Stage Company | BTC listing


Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

The Story: When a lack of luck makes for difficult marriage prospects, the Dashwood sisters set sail on the volatile seas of courtship. The sisters soon discover that neither reserved Elinor’s common sense nor impulsive Marianne’s passion offer the key to happiness. Scandalous secrets, burning betrayals, and suave (and some not-so-suave) suitors line the path to true love in this fresh adaptation.
The Dates: Through March 18, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company | BTC listing



Xavier University Players

The Dates: March 22-25, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Xavier University Players | BTC listing


P.L.O.T.T. Performers

The Dates: March 23-31, 2012
Tickets and More InformationP.L.O.T.T. Performers | BTC listing


Rotary Presents

The Dates: March 22-25, 2012
Tickets and More InformationRotary Presents | BTC listing


Northern Kentucky Univeristy

The Dates: March 22-April 1, 2012
Tickets and More Information: Northern Kentucky University | BTC listing


Brieabi Productions

The Dates: March 23-31, 2012
Tickets and More InformationBrieabi Productions | BTC listing

RAPUNZEL! RAPUNZEL! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

The Dates: March 23-30, 2012
Tickets and More InformationThe Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati | BTC listing

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