Local rocker returns to play First Friday show

Although she has performed live shows in cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Alicia Grodecki says her favorite city to play is her hometown – Dayton.

Lucky for her, with two upcoming shows – First Friday @ 5 on June 3 and a slot at Canal Street Tavern June 18 – her band, Vanity Theft, will get to perform in the city she says is a great place for music.

This week, I talked to Grodecki about Vanity Theft’s new album, touring and the unbelievable experience she had in the recording studio.

“People call us a more badass version of The Killers, except girls,” she says of the band’s sound. “[When asked to describe it] I usually tell people to go listen to it.”

“Get What You Came For,” the latest from Vanity Theft, is a hybrid of dance and pop, with a little electronic feel and attitude. The songs cover a variety of topics ranging from relationships to growing up to just having a good time.

Earlier this year, the band piled in a van and played shows across the United States and Canada, promoting the new album.

“There are an infinite number of ‘best’ things about touring,” says Grodecki. “We see so many people and travel. The bottom line is we get to do what we love every night.”

She does admit being on the road has its downside. “It’s hard being away from home. You miss your family. Our longest van ride was 48 hours straight, but it’s always worth it when you get there.”

Vanity Theft will continue to tour during the summer, including a spot at the Summerfest music celebration in Milwaukee. Grodecki just found out the girls will be opening for Taking Back Sunday, one of their favorite bands.

“I freaked out,” she says. “It’s crazy.”

Playing alongside Taking Back Sunday is not Vanity Theft’s only brush with fame. Elton John was in the studio below them while they recorded their most recent album. The girls were not able to meet him because of his high level of security. But, Grodecki says, he cracked the door and they were permitted to sit outside the studio and listen to him sing.

Even after traveling the country, Grodecki says there is nothing like playing in Dayton. She notes the strong sense of community the city exudes. “It feels good to come home and show everybody what we’ve been doing.”

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