2013 Dayton Does Dayton: 5 Bands To Watch For

Of all the concerts and shows that people have attended at time or another, there has usually been a cover a song that the act performs.  The artist or band will put their spin on it, either by playing a different riff on the guitar, or by singing it a different way.  A lot of artists will even go as far as recording the cover and releasing their version.  It’s the sincerest form of flattery to be able to have people care that much about the original artist/band’s song to go on stage and perform it live to an audience.

One of Dayton’s rising events focuses primary on this concept, and presents bands from all over town and come play live.  The event is called Dayton Does Dayton, and the two day event will be going on this weekend, Friday and Saturday at the legendary Canal Street Tavern.  The event will be entering its third year by local promoter Louie Wood Jr.  Each band will perform songs from Dayton bands past and present, along with their own material.  With over 25 local bands scheduled to take the stage over 2 days, it would be difficult for most to see all every single one.  Here are 5 bands that you should at least get a chance to check out.

City of Kings

City of Kings is an up and coming band that you should be keeping your eyes on.  The 5 piece group got their start in the small town of Marion, Ohio.  Dalton Sipes, Matt Woodrum, Drew Mosley, and Kevin Hardy all played in different groups in town, playing in battle of the bands shows.  Eventually the guys are synched up and soon realized that their small town wasn’t going to be able to give them the chance to showcase their talent.  So, the guys all packed up and moved to Dayton.  They met lead singer Jake Rose at a wedding of one of the band member’s family. The group’s unreal psychedelic sound mixed with garage rock flair is unreal, and the lyrics to the songs are simply mystifying.  City of Kings is a tour de force that is only slated to become stronger over time.  Be prepared to fall into a trance when listening to these guys.  Their debut album, The Foundation is simply a music lover’s delight.



Jah Soul

Reggae is extremely popular throughout the world, with the great Bob Marley giving us music that has become a staple of our lives.  The up-tempo, funky beats along with the loose play of the guitar makes anyone and everyone stand up and just to become unrestricting and free from all the problems that they have.  It’s all about having fun with reggae music, we have a band that offers it-Jah Soul.  With their combination of not only reggae, but soul, funk and disco, Jah Soul will be supplying the good times with their music.  The eight member band gets the party going and has the positivity flood the club in the only way the can.  Jah Soul will be bringing a different flair to the weekend that will be anything but boring.



The New Old-Fashioned

The Midwest is considered to many to be viewed as a hardworking, blue collar area of the United States.  The New Old-Fashioned conveys that feeling in their music.  With the influences of Tom Petty and The Old 97s, The New Old-Fashioned is slowly building a rapport with their fans with incorporating rock and roll with country music.  The lyrics of the band represent the life of living in the lush, beautiful Americana land.  When listening to the band, you instantly notice the band’s outstanding harmonies.  The New-Old Fashioned recently released their self-titled debut in 2012.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing The New Old-Fashioned, do yourself a favor and go see them live this weekend.



Cinder Home

If you have ever listened to Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford and Sons, and Fleet Foxes know that each of these bands have a folk sound that stands about apart from most.  These bands have seen their popularity rise as of yet because of the low-key vibe and beautiful instrumental play.  Cinder Home belongs with these bands in the picture as well.  The band began with two of the band members hanging around playing music.  They both realized that they had something amazing, and decided to add a couple of members.  Cinder Home not only brings a new age folk sound, but also add elements of bluegrass roots.  The passion of the band playing live is nothing but astonishing.  The crowds that will fill Canal Street are going to be treated to a band that will bring they got, and will without question give everyone something to talk about for days to come after their set.



William The Accountant

William The Accountant’s sound is anything but ordinary, and that is why they are a band that can’t be missed.  The band brings all types of instruments into their music, including a didgeridoo.  Don’t be surprised if William The Accountant brings a saxophone and some ukulele to their shows.  As far as their sound?!  Try one moment hearing alternative rock to jazz to Caribbean music.  Each of their songs brings an emotional aspect to the front.  Don’t be shocked if the band’s performance stretches beyond the five members.




Dayton Does Dayton will be celebrating its third this year with no plans of stopping.  It has become yet another reason to celebrate the amazing music that continues to be played each and every night.  To check out these bands, and to see the others lined up, Dayton Does Dayton will taking place tonight and tomorrow night, starting at 7pm at the hollow grounds of the great Canal Street Tavern.

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