Cookies For A Cause

Once a year you have an opportunity to indulge in scrumptious little bites of holiday heaven!  And that time is coming up on Sat, Dec 1st from 10am – 2pm for the annual We Care Arts Cookie Walk at the 3035 Wilmington Pike headquarters.  Visitors have the opportunity to stock up on holiday cookies while raising much-needed funds for the We Care Arts programs,  that help emotionally, mentally and physically disabled adults and youth achieve greater personal independence.    Through a variety of art classes and experiences, they promote the artist’s individuality, self esteem, community skills, ability to focus, life skills, responsibility, confidence and job skills.


How does the Cookie Walk  work?
Thousands of the most gorgeous,  melt-in-your-mouth cookies will be arranged on long tables. At the start of the cookie walk, you will receive a food service glove and a bakery box. Proceeding along the cookie tables, you select as many cookies as you want, in as many varieties as you want. At the end of the walk, your box (or boxes!) of cookies is weighed. The cost? Just $6 per pound.   Limited candy is available for $7.  Ms. Maples say, “We get such a wonderful array of cookies from high schools, chuches, colleges – they are just wonderful to us, it’s really an amazing event.”

How can you help?
Please consider helping We Care Arts by donating home-baked cookies for our event. The guidelines for donations are as follows:
1. Please contact Pat Maple at 252-3937 or to confirm your donation to the Cookie Walk.
2. We’d prefer the cookies to be miniature, bite-sized (approximately 1-1/2”). Buyers feel they can get more variety if the cookies are smaller. If your cookie works better larger, that’s ok, we’ll take them all!
3. Make your cookies extraordinary! This is an event where people can purchase homemade cookies that they normally would not make themselves. Ethnic or unusual ingredients, dipped cookies, or a variation on an old favorite are big sellers. We also welcome diabetic-friendly cookies as well as bite-sized bar cookies.
4. Homemade candies and snacks are also accepted.
5. Please include a 3×5 card with the name of the cookie and listed ingredients to inform persons with food allergies. This card will be set out with the cookies, so please print! Also specify on your 3×5 card if the cookie is diabetic friendly or sugar-free. (If you wish to be contacted for donations for next year, please fill out the form below and return it with your donation.)
6. Cookies must be delivered to We Care Arts, 3035 Wilmington Pike, on Friday, December , between the 2hours of 10 AM and 3 PM. Please see their website for donation form.



We Care Arts is grateful for any participation you can offer. The Cookie Walk will help raise funds and awareness of We Care Arts while providing a fun (and yummy!) event for the community during the holiday season.  Please call We Care Arts at 252-3937 if you would like to volunteer to work at the Cookie Walk.

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