Cityfolk Photo Show: The People of the Mosaic City

The One and the Many

The One and the Many

Here comes SPRING (as we all give a collective sigh of relief!) With spring will come new opportunities, fresh energy and artful vision. Cityfolk recommends that you use all of the above by sharing your photographic skills in a new community photo show!

That’s right! Cityfolk Photo Show: The People of the Mosaic City – is a call to local photographers of all ages to submit images for consideration on the theme of Mosaic City; that is: our Dayton as a place where diversity is celebrated!

Photos will be accepted in five categories: Black & White, Color, Youth (ages 15 -18), Student (ages 19 and up) and professional. The application fee is $25 for up to three images on the theme in any category. Applications for submission are available at!! Materials are due by March 25th!

Images must be submitted electronically for the jury process. Each category will honor three distinctive submissions, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Winners will receive complimentary tickets to three (3) Cityfolk concerts of their choice. Additionally, First place winners will receive a cash prize.

Once winners have been selected in each category, photographers will be asked to deliver chosen works, mounted and ready for installation. These pieces will be exhibited in the Oregon District and other urban locations, opening on Urban Nights, May 10th. They will be displayed through June, moving to an exhibit location at the Cityfolk Festival, June 28-30. All photos will be for sale throughout the exhibit. Pieces not sold should be picked up by 3:00pm on July 3rd.

Cityfolk’s Culture Builds Community is in the midst of a full year photo project, including photo mosaic banners of children from last year’s Cityfolk Festival, mounted on buildings downtown this fall, a lobby show for the Free Spirits project at Sinclair and a downtown photo show, window clings, going into spring with the work of Glenna Jennings, UD Visual Arts. Now we open the creative process to the community at large.

Show us your perspective of this Mosaic City!

Cityfolk strives to bring our three major mission points together: education & outreach (CBC), our concert series and the summer festival, serving the community with pride, honoring each individual culture as well as what we are together! Cityfolk Photo Show promotes a way of seeing this community: how many unique pieces come together to make a beautiful whole!!

Mosaic City = Dayton = us

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