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Escalation League Kick-off Event

July 19 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Epic Loot: Centerville
$15.00 entry fee
Running from July 19th to September 10th
Meet times are Wednesdays at 6:00 PM or Sundays at any time of day

Eighth edition is finally upon us! Now that everyone’s had some time to acquire new supplies and get acquainted with the new rules, we’re excited to announce our summer Escalation League! The league will be running eight weeks, beginning on July 19th.
Similar to our previous Kill Team league, your faction will be chosen at the time of sign-up. However, when we say faction, we mean a choice between Imperium, Xenos, and Chaos. Between weeks, your lists and even army race can change, so long as you remain within that faction. An Imperium player can bring a Space Marine army one week and change to Astra Militarum the next week, just as a Xenos player can switch from Orks to Tau between weeks.
The first week’s mission will be No Mercy, capped to 500 points per army. The next week’s will be Big Guns Never Tire at 750 points per army, and so on, increasing the cap by 250 points each week, finally capping at 2000 points for weeks 7 and 8.
Our league does, in fact, overlap with Games Workshop’s Fate of Konor global campaign, and we’ll be using the league as our input for the event! The jury’s still out on whether or not we’ll be using their campaign-specific missions and stratagems, as we have yet to see them, but regardless of whether or not we use them, all victories and points scored by the three different factions will be recorded and submitted to the campaign!

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July 19
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Epic Loot, Centerville
9130 Dayton Lebanon Pike
Centerville, OH 45458 United States