“Road to the Pro’s- From the Locker Room to the Main Stage.”

The Journey: The journey to become a professional athlete is not necessarily a straight and narrow one. Few are called and even fewer are chosen. The road less traveled is often the key to success in this game. Hard work, strong ethics, character, and charisma on the court combine for an explosive combination to rise above the competition.

The Triumphs: Test and trials in life are designed to make us stronger. We must be iron like, unable to be penetrated, standing firm and able to hold up against intense heat and pressure. Even setbacks can be the predecessor of major comebacks. One must remain as tough as steel and remember what brings us closest to our breaking point is what will be the motivation to see us through the eye of a troubling storm.

Passion: Passion is what pushes us through the hard times, reminds you of the great times, keeps you focused on making the most of your time and allows you to remain optimistic that the best times are yet to come. Passion oozes from the very guts of a champion; their potential is actualized through the blood sweat and tears it took to make it to the “Main Stage.”

For a champion, making it to the “Main Stage” is never enough. A true victor pushes past expectancy to clinch a championship title, hence making it official that all their hopes, dreams, goals, and affirmations have materialized in spite of the mayhem it took to arrive at that very moment.

The Article series, “Road to the Pro’s- From the Locker Room to the Main Stage,” is a collection of stories from pro athletes, coaches, scouts, pro hopefuls and others surrounded by the game of professional basketball, who will share stories that unveil the good, bad, ugly and the indifferent sides of what it takes to succeed on the professional level. Some of the individuals featured in the Road to the Pro’s series are Micheal Ray Richardson, former NBA New York Knick and New Jersey Net, Mickey Perry, former University of Dayton Flyer and pro hopeful, Sid Sharma, Bio Mechanical Engineer and Personal Trainer to Advanced Athletes as well as more surprise guest to come.

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