Meet Our Gal, ‘Juicy Lucy,’ at Romer’s Bar & Grill

Romer’s – Much More than Beer-thirty

Superfry & the Big Ragu found another locally owned place, you gotta try.  It is watering hole called Romer’s Bar and Grill, located at 4439 East Franklin Street in Bellbrook, near Wilmington Pike.  When you think of bars, you don’t normally think of homemade food.   That is where Romer’s beats the stereotype, because most things here are homemade.  The atmosphere is hopping and usually loud.  We have been to Romer’s for happy hour drinks, benefit concerts, and Thursday trivia nights.  But, our favorite is visiting during non-peak hours and just having some good food.  During our latest visit, owner Greg Romer came out from the kitchen to tell us he is a Food Adventure fan!  He also explained that many of the dressings, food items and sauces are made in the kitchen from scratch.  Greg grinds the hamburger meat himself and personally shaves thin slices from roasted beef to make their specialty sandwiches.  So which homemade items make us smile?  Here is a breakdown of Romer’s best from your favorite “Foodies in their Forties.”

Romer’s Bar and Grill first made an impact on us at the Chicken Wing Festival at Fraze Pavillion, two years ago.   If you like wings, you gotta try Romer’s.  We would suggest the “Asian Persuasion” wing flavor.   Appropriately named, the sauce is made in-house and delivers a sweet thai pepper taste with a light touch of heat.  The wings here are crunchy and cooked just right.  We also recommend the hot bbq sauce and the dry rub option.  The wings are available breaded, but we prefer them naked… who doesn’t?

Hand Breaded Jalapeno Poppers

We digress into another inappropriate topic when we talk about Turkey Balls.  They are not what you think.  Food Adventurers recognize this interesting name as a homemade appetizer at Romer’s.  We tried these delicious appetizers which are pretty much “Thanksgiving dinner rolled into a ball.”   The turkey balls are made with dressing, mashed potatoes and of course turkey.  The mixture is rolled into a ball the size of a large meatball, and is coated with panko crumbs.  The turkey balls are then pan fried, and covered with a light brown turkey gravy.   As we sliced the turkey balls, steam rose and we fought over the turkey gravy for dipping rights.  These heavy appetizers are perfect for sharing, and are as addicting as Saturday Night Live’s “Schweddie” skit brand name.

Looking for something a little more spicy?  Romer’s  hand breads their own Homemade Jalepeno Poppers.  What other restaurant in the Dayton area does that?  The heavy breading and spicy insides make this a good choice if you are hungry and want to heat things up.  Another fantastic appetizer that is the Big Ragu’s favorite is the Memphis Fried Pickles.  Hand cut into chip like slices, then hand breaded, these pickles are served with a dipping sauce.  They are a very addicting, yet very filling appetizer that you have to try.

The Beef N Cheddar – Slow Roasted Beef, Sliced in-house

There is no doubt of what the specialty is at Romer’s.   It is homemade, slow-roasted, beef sandwiches.  There are three of these special sandwiches, and they are “must eats.”   Superfry is our resident expert on shaved beef , and his favorite is the Beef N Cheddar.    This sandwich is made sliced to order, so it is fresh and delicious.  Romer’s also does it right.  They top it with cheddar cheese sauce.  The experts in Philadelphia do it this way, and so does Romer’s Bar and Grill.   The sandwich is served on Sour Dough bread and is simply magnificent.  The beef is delicate and moist.  The sandwich will fill you up and is a great meal deal at under 8 bucks.  Most get a side of saratoga chips, but we suggest the waffle fries with these sandwiches.  You won’t be disappointed.

Inside a ‘Juicy Lucy’ Burger

Continuing with our favorite things at Romer’s, we dive into the topic of  Burgers.  All the burgers are ground in-house to ensure great taste.  What burger is best?  Sure, you can build your own burger or chicken breast sandwich with toppings, cheese and sauce.  But wouldn’t you rather  step it up to the big leagues?  Then order a burger at Romer’s that will knock your socks off,  the Minnesota Juicy Lucy.  Owner Greg Romer developed this after seeing a similar sandwich on a food show.  The Juicy Lucy is a 1/2 pound burger stuffed with provolone, pepperoni and jalapenos.  The result is a tasty burger that oozes cheese with every bite from inside the burger.  This is a true Food Adventure item for taste and uniqueness, which is what Superfry and the Big Ragu are all about.   Make sure you grab a Juicy Lucy.

We do have one tip on what not to grab.  Don’t grab a seat by the door to the smoking patio.  Since Romer’s gets busy, many people come in and out of that door to smoke.   Take advantage of their selection of beers on draught, but don’t sit by the patio door unless you want a wind draft.   Be forewarned the place gets noisy during peak hours.  It is a fun atmosphere, but if you want quiet conversation, hit this place during slow times like early lunch hours.

There are many other good menu items we like at Romer’s that are worth mentioning.  The Reuben is good, how could it not be with the slow roasted touch?  They also have good thin crust pizzas.  They are a popular with kids and a good value at $11 for a large cheese pizza.  Even with our many trips to Romer’s we have not completely tapped the constantly evolving menu.   Currently they are featuring a Lenten menu insert and feature a fish fry on Friday’s with thick, pub style battered fish.  Romer’s Bar and Grill is yet another locally owned  gem, that many people may not have heard about.  Take the time to stop in, and visit the friendly staff like Lanette, who is our favorite server.  Next time you are hungry, tell your friends you want to grab some turkey balls and see your friends Reuben and Juicy Lucy!

Have you been to Romer’s Bar and Grill?  Please comment below on your experiences with their unique menu.

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