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Tommy Johnson moved to the Dayton area 10-plus years ago from a small town and hasn’t looked back. With his obsession for music, a love affair with Dayton, and a passion for writing, Tommy recently developed a blog called The Dayton Scene. Tommy guides readers through local events, and shows from local talent. He also visits local shops, and gives you an in-depth look into what the business brings to the Gem City. Tommy is also on Twitter @thedaytonscene.

Black Box Owner Expanding Improv Into The Business World

Justin Howard

Since July 2012, the Black Box Improv Theater in downtown Dayton has been providing audiences the most unique form of entertainment each Thursday-Saturday night.  As for the improvisers themselves, performing at the prestigious Del Close Marathon in New York City at the famed Upright Citizens Brigade Theater  has allowed them to take their honorable place within the improv community nationally.  The success of the theater is due to the incredible dedication from owner Justin Howard. With a resume that includes studying at the iO theater in Chicago and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New … [Read more...]

Living The ‘Nerd’ Life: An Interview With Rapper K. Carter

K. Carter

 Kevin Carter (who goes by K. Carter) revealed to me when we met up that his passion ultimately was to play football.  Growing  up in Dayton for a large portion of his life, Carter moved to Tallahassee, Florida for a short  period of time.  While attending high school, he participated on the football team; envisioning himself  attending college and possibly expanding his playing days to further notice.  When he wasn’t on the  gridiron, you found Carter working at the Tropical Smoothie shop down by where he lived.  The  manager at the business, Ali, was an exceptional poet and helped young … [Read more...]

“Walk”ing Tall: An Interview With Marion Walker

Marion Walker

Since moving out of their homes in Reno, Nevada and setting out on their two-month stint  on the road began back in May, Marion Walker’s tour has experienced a couple of  unfortunate events.  For starters, an electrical issue that forced them to cancel the first out of  town show.  When they finally diagnosed the problem, they were able to do enough to get  them rolling again.  During a stop in Austin, Texas, the members of the band came into the  town unaware that they were entering in one of the most torrential  thunderstorms in the city’s history.  While the group was able to leave town … [Read more...]

New Location, Long Lasting Memories Remain With BarnJam 31


BarnJam was more than just a festival to Sutton. He saw it as an opportunity to promote the music scene by showcasing local and regional musical talent. He also aimed to raise money for local arts-based charitable organizations. On top of all that was his desire to help build communities. Have individuals reach out to one another as a way of connecting, while building friendships on his land.

No More “Silence”; An Interview With Tom Gilliam Of Ghost Town Silence

GTS_Wallet 4p 1CD_right Glue End

This Saturday, Ghost Town Silence will take the stage in support of the  release of their EP Shadows at Oregon Express.  Formally The Rebel Set,  the set will mark the end of an era for the band. Before Ghost Town Silence, the five piece group The Rebel Set formed in  2005 when lead singer/guitarist Tom Gilliam and vocalist/upright bass  Gavin Spencer enlisted members Jason Johantges (rhythm guitar), Adam  Kempf (drums/trumpet) and Ken Hall (keyboards/trombone) to join.  With  the releases of their 2008 debut Ghost Town Silence and the 2009 follow  up Across The Relentless Sea, The Rebel … [Read more...]

A Call To Arms; An Interview With Tim Anderl Of Arms Race

Arms Race

For almost twenty years now, Tim Anderl has written some of the most compelling stories and informative interviews for several outlets.  He  has been in contact with artists/bands that span all over the world.  From cutting his teeth in the business as an intern at Alternative Press  magazine to now being frequently featured in publications like Ghettoblaster Magazine and New Noise Magazine-Anderl has spent a large  portion of his life involved in the world of music.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone then when you are made aware that Anderl is  also in a band-right here in the … [Read more...]

Back In The Dayton Groove: Gem City Releases First LP

Gem City

On January 30th, Dayton band Gem City celebrated the release of their long awaited first album REDUX at the Yellow  Cab Building.  Being released by local independent record label Only WonderUS, REDUX offers a collection of  ballads and up-tempo songs that are beautifully woven together throughout.  The James Brown-influenced opener  “Gotta Get Up (Before You Get Down” sets the down early with a groovy soulfulness to it.  Th vibrate, jazzy  instrumental “Britney Called” gives way to what could be the John Legend-approved crooner “Jonesin’”.  “Turn  Up”  and “Automatic” showcases each member … [Read more...]

Nice And Steady “Pace”: An Interview With Tim Korenich

Tim Korenich

In a couple of days, singer/songwriter Tim Korenich will pack up his vehicle with his music gear and head back onto the road solo.  He revealed  during our phone conversation that he will be performing to audiences at not only bars, but a variety of house shows that will also feature other  singer/songwriters.  When the performance are over, he will be choosing to sleep on people’s couches and floors instead of forking over money  to stay in a hotel.  While being out on tour, he will engage and interact with some of the most incredible people that want to help.  For example,  Korenich talked … [Read more...]

No Troubles In ‘Paradise’: An Interview with Smug Brothers


The Smug Brothers celebrate the release ofWoodpecker Paradise tonight at Blind Bob's Bar. Show time is 9pm. 21+. Copies of the album will be available at the show.

Renaissance Man: An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Jason Trout

Jason Trout

Singer/songwriter Jason Trout, who spent most of his early days growing up in the city of Marion, Indiana, has been a pretty free  spirit throughout most of his life.  Without any proper training or push towards it, Trout was around eight or nine when he started  writing music.  Late last year, Trout released his solo debut LP Out Of My Mind And Into Yours.  The album is a lo-fi indie/folksy album  that was recorded in his home using a Tascam 4 track.  The new album, which follows his debut EP Off The Field Issues, marks a  new direction for Trout.  A path that didn’t come easy. Creating … [Read more...]