SUP on the water this summer!

The increasingly popular sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is sweeping the Miami Valley.  Cruising around local waterways is fun and easy to get out and play on the water for all ages. You can paddle anything from lakes and rivers to the ocean—no waves required. Anyone who has been on a SUP can tell you it is an amazing full body workout and provides an excellent cross-training activity for skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, runners and other athletes. While standing up you all get a new perspective and view of the natural surrounding you might not get while sitting down. It's almost like … [Read more...]

Naked Karate Girls and Bikes

Ya Ya, I know that since the word naked was in the title you opened this up.  Or just maybe it was because it was a combination of naked, girls, and bikes.  Who am I kidding. Now that I got you here you should know that the title is spot on, the band Naked Karate Girls will be playing at the Fraze and you can not only get VIP bike parking but also a free ticket if you ride the bike to the event. Here is the skinny: The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC)  is sponsoring the Fraze Pavilion’s $2 Tuesdays Concert Series.  As a special bonus, MVRPC will be providing FREE, … [Read more...]

Our Bikeways Are At Risk!

The feeling that our community is an amazing place to live, work and play is something I’m sure all most all Dayton area residents posses.  The increased quality of life provided by access to recreation facilities and programs has been proven via numerous scientific studies and survey research over the years.  Facilities such as hiking trails, multi-use paths, and rivers provide a unique character to a community supporting a vibrant and active culture.  There is an obvious correlation between the most livable cities in the United States and those that are considered “Outdoor Adventure” … [Read more...]

Bike Lanes Create More Jobs Than Other Transportation Projects

In the wake of a monumental policy  passed by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission this past week, all transportation project submissions requesting federal funds will require the design to accommodate all users, not just motor vehicles.  This concept is commonly known as “Complete Streets.”  A street designed to be complete is friendlier to pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and the disabled. Some local examples of Complete Streets tactics used here in the Miami Valley are bike lanes, shares, audible signals, road diets, round-abouts and so on. This philosophy isn’t … [Read more...]

Come Celebrate a Victory for Dayton

Written By guest contributor Val Hunt Beerbower - PR Specialist at Five Rivers MetroParks Cyclists celebrate a victory for Dayton during Urban Bikes @ Urban Nights this Friday! Cycling is taking Dayton by storm, and this pedal-powered movement has captured national attention. The League of American Bicyclists has honored Dayton, Ohio, with its bronze-level status for a bike-friendly city. “Communities from all areas of the country, climates and populations see bicycling as an integral component of building livable communities,” said League President Andy Clarke. … [Read more...]

Will Dayton be among the Bike Friendly?

Dayton is making it's move to become the 2nd Bike Friendly Community in Ohio.  In the last few months the City of Dayton has formed a community wide bike and pedestrian task force lead my Commissioner Nan Whaley, striped bike lanes on downtown roads, produced a transportation based bike map for the entire city limits, and most of all, completed and submitted a Bike Friendly Community Application to the League of American Bicyclists. In the next few weeks the League of American Bicylists plans to announce the 2010 Bike Friendly Community award winners.  Currently only 1 community holds this … [Read more...]

City of Dayton Bike Map Draft, Version 2.0

First of all, Kudos to all you who took the time to provide feedback and comments on the first draft of the City of Dayton Bike Map, some really good stuff came out of it and the City of Dayton is grateful. 2 months have passed since the first draft of the City of Dayton Bike Map was posted.  The City successfully completed and submitted their Bike Friendly Community application to the League of American Bicyclists, designees should know by the middle of April (be ready for a celebration!), the National Bike Summit had over 700 advocates from across the country take to Capitol Hill and tell … [Read more...]

Dayton’s Airborne Bicycles Back in Business

If you live in the Dayton Region and ride bikes then the probability of you riding with someone on an Airborne is pretty high.  When I moved to Dayton a few years ago I kept seeing these beautifully crafted, simplistic natured, high end bikes all over and I had never heard of the company.  Of course while riding downhill and free-ride in the Pacific Northwest one wouldn't necessarily come across one anyways, regardless I was intrigued.  What intrigued me was that Dayton had a hometown bike shop -  Airborne - an authentic, real deal, small manufacturer that makes the bike industry so … [Read more...]

Running the Sahara;111 Days, 4300 Miles, & 6 Countries Across the Desert

Even the Outdoor Evangelist has his limits. Can you imagine running across the desert for 111 Days, covering approximately 4300 Miles, and traversing 6 countries?  I can't either, so I'm excited to attend this FREE showing of "Running the Sahara," a National Geographic film narrated by Executive Producer, Matt Damon. I hope you will too. The screening of "Running the Sahara" is a kick-off to the Adventure Summit weekend.  The Adventure Summit is one of the largest expositions of outdoor skill, culture and experience in the Midwest. On March 4th, at 7pm,  you can witness this documentary … [Read more...]

Cabin Fever Have You Fiending For Adventure?

If you aren't a snow lover like the Outdoor Evangelist and are waiting for the weather to clear to get out and live then I have just the event for you.   Come out and see just one more reason why Dayton is a great place to live, even when we are snowed in!  The Adventure Summit is one of the largest expositions of outdoor skill, culture and experience in the Midwest showcasing Dayton, Ohio as The Outdoor Adventure Capital of the Midwest. The Adventure Summit weekend is filled with inspiring presentations, a bustling expo, competitions and cultural activities like an art gallery, live … [Read more...]